Saturday, April 19, 2014

food blessing

Noon to-day, Saint Stanislaus Cleveland
Many parishes have blessings of Easter food baskets. Perhaps, Saint Stanislaus has the highest volume in the area, five times on Holy Saturday. Fr. Pascal teaches theology at Benedictine High. He has a sermon for this. He is intense about the subject, and he is right. These foods are a sacramental. Such activities bind the person, to the community, to the culture, and to the church.

Different nationalities have different items in the basket. Apparently, the Poles are prohibitionists; since some other people have a bottle of wine in the basket. Other foods (horseradish) are similar to a Passover Seder; but the Jews prohibit pork. Eggs are, i think, in every basket.

Saint Stan's has two priests bless the multitudes.

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