Sunday, April 28, 2013

Workers' Memorial Day 2013

Because of God-awful situations as Texas, the United States needs to be interested in worker (Human) safety. The Canadian Union of Public Employees began Workers' Memorial Day in 1984, since then it has been adopted elsewhere.

Texas City 16 April 1947 -- A ship containing ammonium nitrate went boom, after the initial explosion other ships, and much of the industrial port town went to fire. Officially, more than 580 people were killed, but many bodies were incinerated, and Texas had a history (re: Galveston flood) of under counting deaths. Windows were broken in Houston 40 miles away.

Texas City 23 March 2005 -- Vapor explosion at the US's third largest oil refinery (owned by BP) kills fifteen.

West 17 April 2013 -- West Fertilizer Company fire caused an explosion, fourteen dead, mostly firemen.  Tons (270?) of ammonium nitrate were on site. Last OHSA inspection was in 1985.  Rick Perry (Republican) is the governor. He shot off his fool mouth about Texas seceding, he complains of business regulation, he complains of taxes being collected for governmental spending, he demands money from Washington for spending in Texas. Perhaps the entire Repuke congressional delegation from Texas acts this way.

 a British poster
 “I have a word of advice for employers frustrated by Illinois’ short-sighted approach to business: you need to get out while there’s still time. The escape route leads straight to Texas, where limited government, low taxes and a pro-business environment are creating more jobs than any other state.” -- Rick Perry
Postscriptum 4.30 pm: the cartoon infra by Jack Ohman, was published Thursday, 25 April in the Sacramento Bee. Some thin skinned political nitwits in Texas are upset. Republicans always cry foul when their bullshit is exposed. They expect to mouth their nonsense without rebuttal, and when reality occurs, no one is to point out that reality contradicts their propaganda. On the contrary, they want silence. Perry's Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (he who lost the senatorial primary) wants the cartoonist fired, apparently Republican lieutenant governors believe they have the right to end anyone's right to make a living anywhere. Is this considered 'messing with Texas'?
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