Friday, April 26, 2013

Arbor Day

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To-day is the last Friday in April, and by law, national Arbor Day.  Earth Day, in the US, was first promoted by a senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson (D) for Wednesday 22 April 1970. He wanted the day for a teach-in, especially on college campuses. That day, that year, would have been a regular school day most places (not Easter vacation, not exam week). By co-incidence, it was also Nebraska's Arbor Day, the birthday of its founder, Julius Sterling Morton (D) . Nebraska was a flat land without trees, Morton thought it a good idea to have trees. Many of the first white settlers lived in sod huts. The first Arbor Day was in 1872. Under Franklin Roosevelt (D) millions of trees were planted partially as a windbreak, and an erosion preventer.  Also, by accident, 22 April is also Lenin's birthday. This gave tinfoil hat libertarian lunatics license and liberty to let loose. 
The Sysacks of Cleveland in 2010 put this one up, the year before a green swastika. When you are nuts, you do not have to be consistent. These nuts make signs for their living, and usually [which is odd, for their kind] spell well. Often besides being ridiculous, and obnoxious, they have been obscenely (even stomach turning) vulgar. They hate 'liberals', and i do not know if they remarked on 'liberal' courts allowing public obscenity. I am sure, many passerbys had no idea what this sign meant. Russell died late in 2009, his sister Nancy was his partner, and continues on.

Over the years, about 40, i only remember thrice the billboard vandalised; once by some paint splashing, once some torching, and once hit by a vehicle. On the one occasion he mentioned H.N.I.C. (head nigger in charge), Cleveland's mayoral election. That scared them, for a long time the sign was blank. They have regularly hurled abuse at Martin King, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama, and virtually the entire black population of the United States. I was beyond surprised when i saw them taking Republican provocateurs to task. 

Saint George's Day is April 23rd and has long been celebrate as a green day. Part of  the celebration of Spring. The Slavonic peoples have celebrated Juri Zeleni (spelling varies, Green George) for centuries. In the Arthurian tales there is a Green Knight. The English also had Jack in the Green for MayDay celebrations.
but this is more of what happens on Arbor, and Earth days around here

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