Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lennon invites Catholics to the chancery

An identified reporter [not an editor] writes in Cleveland's daily of a meeting between Cleveland's bishop and the board members (parish council) of the Community of St. Peter's:

two topics -- "the importance of unity among Catholics" and "the Second Vatican Council's teachings on membership in the church." 

These will be very directed talks; contrary interpretations, and contributions not supporting the director's direction  (if brought up) will not be appreciated by the director. "Unity" for Richard Lennon has always meant obedience to the will of Richard Lennon. This will not be a free colloquium. Perhaps unity will only be achieved with his departure from the diocese. No one will be willing to ask for his resignation at this meeting.

Lennon is going after St. Peter's on E. 71. He wants their council to betray Fr. Marrone, after he dictates terms of "Unity".  It is a campaign. He has not learned a lesson from the Roman decrees. He is relentless. A year has passed since the decrees, and a new Curia has not been installed.
“It is essential to exclude all those unwanted and unasked for, if the people are not to be crossed and end by despising or hating their bishop. If they cannot have the candidate they desire, the people may all turn away from religion unduly.” — Saint Leo the Great, Pope and Bishop of Rome 440-461
postscriptum 6 May 2013: Well, the meeting was not as i expected. It also deviated from the agenda given. Lennon brought with him several members of his chancery's senior officers (all being priests and sisters). There was open discussion between the bishop and the parishioners, and a future meeting proposed. One odd claim was made by Lennon, that the 'parish clusters' were pre-determined before his arrival. There is definitely mendacity afoot, for throughout, before and after the 'clustering process' the claim was repeatedly, insistently made that nothing was pre-determined.

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