Wednesday, October 17, 2012

voter suppression billboard

One of four billboards on the corner of East 79th and Cedar. This one is on 79th close to Carnegie.

In the month before the general election, the Republicans the Fascists are trying to intimidate likely Democratic voters. A couple of weeks ago, the Cleveland Plain Dealer did the democracy one good. Councilman Phyllis Cleveland (Ward 5) brought to their attention several billboards with the copy supra. The paper then listed ten locations*:
    Carnegie Ave. and E 36th St.
    Cedar Ave. NS and E 79th.
    Community College Ave and E 35th
    E 14th St. and Carnegie Ave.
    E 55th St. and N. Carry Ave
    E 185th and Harland Ave
    Green Rd and S Euclid Ave
    Madison Ave and W 93 St
    Triskett Rd and W 140th St
    W 140th St and Lorain Ave
Some of these spots are in densely (as of to-day's standards) black populated areas, and heavily traversed streets away from the freeways. The purpose of this campaign is to depress turnout of certain people. 

What the sign speaks about, is rarer than an honest, professional Republican. There are states that can not find an instance of it. When great organised electoral fraud did occur in Florida in 2000, and Ohio in 2004, there were no investigations. Voter fraud is done by individuals voting. Electoral fraud is done by local, and state government, and especially those tallying the votes (and now through computer software) .

Clear Channel put up the billboards, they are owned by Bain Capital (R$, Romney's creation). The identification of the entity ordering the advertisements is (Paid for by a Private Family Foundation). Who is this brave family exercising this warning to the general public? Where else in America are they up? Perhaps Milwaukee? The formula is simple: the large city in the state with the largest black population, and that state is one that was won in 2008 by the black man in the White House, that could be won by a white man this time.
*later it was reported that thirty such billboards were out up in Cleveland
postscriptum 21 October: Justice! Cleveland's Plain Dealer reports the accursed signs will come down. The paper quotes Clear Channel saying "... billboards violate our policy of not accepting anonymous political ads...".  Clear Channel says it will "donate" ten billboards, and Cleveland City Council will pay for five reading "Voting Is a Right. Not a Crime!".  The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law has paid for signs reading, "Stand up and have your say -- Vote. When we vote, we are all equal.". Some of these signs are expected to be in Milwaukee, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

I expect to post a photograph. 

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