Monday, October 22, 2012

Squirrel and Swan

Lake Anna Park, Barberton, O.
I have posted fotos of squirrels before. I have not for a while. I have a fondness for squirrels and birds. To-night there is a presidential debate in Boca Raton Florida. That's the place that Romney made the confessional pitch to his crowd of multi-millionaires, wherein he dismisses 47% of Americans as not much more than scum. In debate, there is a term 'squirrel'. You have heard ideas mentioned as squirrely? Squirrel argument, or definition, is one brought up (usually by the affirmative side [they speak first]) that is odd, unusual, nutty, rare, or invented for the occasion. This is done to gain advantage, for it is unexpected, and presumably--unprepared for. Some judges do not take kindly to this as it is akin to chicanery. Sometimes the point carries, and the debate is won.
From the middle 1950s to the middle 1960s Flanders and Swann were an English comedy music act. No one was more high brow than they. They were between Gilbert and Sullivan and the Smothers Brothers. Robert Conrad used to play them on WCLV in the 95.5 days. One great one was, All Gall, set to the tune of This old man. The anglophone world does not like Charles de Gaulle, but he was a giant, and a true patriot. He was a patriot for France, not a puppet for the English and the Americans.
Vive de Gaulle!

This old man, he played one,
He played knick-knack at Verdun.
Cognac, Armagnac, Burgundy and Beaune,
This old man came rolling home. 

This old man, World War Two,
He told Churchill what to do, ...

...This old man thinks he's Saint Joan.

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