Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebration of 'ethnic stuff'

 Celebration of 'ethnic stuff' as the shakedown continues.
Parishioners in Slovene village dress with clergy
St. Mary Collinwood
sign reads: Bog Živi vas in Marija Vnebovzeta
God lives in you and Mary of the Assumption
  Fr. John Kumše holding scarlet carnations and ribbons of national colors
also seated Fr. Zvonko Blasko (St. Paul Croat), retired Bp. Edward Pevec, Fr. Franci Petrič (Ljubljana, editor Družina)

The parish of St. Mary's of the Assumption in Collinwood, in Cleveland Ohio had a double celebration for their pastor. Father John Kumše recently turned sixty, in addition he has been pastor for twenty-five years. When he started at St. Mary's, he was the youngest pastor in the diocese. At the end of Mass, he held up a photograph of himself as a three year old, and said that was still him. He also said, that he has been here for twenty-five years, and wants twenty five more.

A beautiful bi-lingual Mass was accompanied by chorus, organ, and violinist. Hymns from Slovenia, music from Mozart, Rimskij-Korsakov and a colorful procession replaced the usual 10am and noon Masses. Afterwards a dinner was held in the parish hall, but before making that trip, there were trays of small plastic glasses with different sorts of 'potent potables'.

Yes, a celebration of parish community life of congregation and pastor occurred; the 'ethnic stuff' that their Bishop Richard Lennon so dislikes, that he does not even allow for it to be mentioned in his presence. An inserted page in the day's parish bulletin, it was highlighted that the bishop's "Rooted in Faith" shakedown was successful. The parish had to cough up $435,000 to prove it was vibrant; with 15% of the parish, already, responding for $473,000. Now, the bishop will allow them to keep 70% of the overage. Also noted, the parish expects a new sound system to cost $32,000. The bishop's financial office will rule on this. Lennon does not like celebrations, he likes collections. His tax on the weekly basket is 16½%, that is more than what Mitt Romney pays in federal tax.

One last note: one of the 'villagers' was from west of the Alps, his costume was with a kilt and sporran.

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