Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Battling for Suffrage and Franchise

 This was the goal, to drop a completed ballot into this box.
 new message on E. 35th & Cuyahoga Community College
Beginning yesterday, some of the voter suppression billboards went down. A few were replaced by a voting encouragement one. This should not be a Republican versus Democratic issue, BUT IT CERTAINLY IS. Over all in exposure, the Republicans won the trick. Their signs were anonymously procured, to begin with. They were up for more days before the election, than there are now left, and there were more of them. The damage is done, and no penalty occurred. It must be, always noted, that, Clear Channel (the owner of the billboards) is intimately linked with Romney's Bain Capital. The new signs were sponsored by Cleveland City Council, and that is ONLY because the Republicans have not a member on it to obstruct, bitch, piss, and moan. In other jurisdictions, under Republicans, such tactics hold. It is apparent, that, the United States has two political parties: an aggressive, fascistic one in the form of the Republicans, and a democratic one (the Democratic Party).

Now, these democratic signs are up largely because the councilman for Ward 5, Phyllis Cleveland (and State Senator Nina Turner), exposed the Republican tricks nationally. Yesterday, they called the press to record the change on the first billboard on Central Avenue. As Ms. Cleveland has said, "...It's just a blatant attempt to keep people in this community, particularly black people and poor people, from voting." Her ward was the most heavily targeted.
people voting, to-day, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections
Cuyahoga is both the most populated, and the most Democratic county in Ohio. Early voting leans Democratic. Will the votes be counted?, and counted as cast? Many remember the antics, and unprosecuted fraud that Ohio (and the country) suffered in 2004.
 Voting is a Right. Not a Crime!

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