Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Prayer Vigil

 prayer vigils of Cleveland's exiled Catholics have ended
A chapter on the Catholic Church in Cleveland during the time of Lennonism is coming to an end. Saint Emeric is the last of the eleven resuscitated parishes to have an Homecoming Mass. That Mass will be noon, Sunday, 4 November 2012. That is next week. But to-day, there was the last parish meeting in the street, or so they thought. Their pastor Fr. Sandor Siklodi was waiting for some three dozen souls, and opened doors to get them out of the rain, and to congregate inside their church.

The Magyar language Mass had been at 9.45 am, before the lennonist forced (and police aided) eviction (1 July 2010), and it was the last eviction. Saint Emeric followed in the tradition begun by St. Casimir, after their lennonist eviction. They convened their parish outside their beloved, closed church building. They held constant, and you are aware of Cleveland weather, and met continuously. That time has come to an end.
Earlier to-day, at 9 a.m., many of the St. Emeric faithful joined in Mass at Saint Colman's. Saint Colman's, and its pastor, Rev. Fr. Robert Begin have supported the Emeric congregation. On the 1st and most 3rd Sunday afternoons an Magyar Mass was held at St. Colman's for the displaced Hungarians. Time, and again, St. Colman's has shown a keen and eager brotherhood for their fellow Catholics (and others), and less fear of their bishop. Father Begin mentioned at the beginning that the Emericians had suffered over these two years.
At the end of Mass a plaque of appreciation was presented to Fr. Begin, and the parish of St. Colman's by the people of St. Emeric's. An embroidered vestment was given to Fr. Begin, also.

This is history. It should be reported, and recorded, for the future reference of those interested in the elaboration and demonstration of the communal spiritual faith of the American people, and by those interested in the Catholic Church. Communities were told to disband, and some adamantly refused. They travelled from Caiaphas to Pilate, and Rome finally, and repetitively, agreed with them.

end of last exile service, for the now former exiles, who now possess their church again
WJW-TV8 was inside the church to record 
banner reads:   Isten Hozott vissza Sándor Atya
Welcome back Father Sandor

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