Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ticker in the window

Cleveland's Anglican Cathedral (Trinity) is far more impressive than the Catholic one. It is built in English Perpendicular Gothic style. It was built from 1901 to 1907. Collinwood High, when it was still in Collinwood, and called South High (1906-10) was built in this style (in the 1920s it was greatly expanded).
center floor plaque
When John D.[Rockefeller] left for New York City, the richest man in Ohio became Samuel Mather *1851, 1931†. His family controlled the shipping of iron ore on the Great Lakes. They expanded horizontally: lake freighter shipping, iron and coal mining, steel mills, lumber, land, electrical utilities. The big holding is Cleveland-Cliffs.
Humour is where you find it
left lower corner of left lancet west window in the narthex
Trinity Anglican looks like late, mediæval [Plantagenet, Lancaster, York] England. They have a window from mediæval England, and one from mediæval Belgium. They have some from earlier Cleveland Anglican churches, and, of course, from the XXᵗʰ century. Whether this was done as a recognition, or as a poke, i don't know.

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