Saturday, November 19, 2011

Late night Friday television

ABC had a story on an egg factory, Sparboe Farms, that supplies McDonald’s Egg McMuffin®. It is not the first instance of the public seeing the conditions of industrial farming. Mercy for Animals had someone film undercover on site. Brian Ross was then escorted by a company spokesman for a tour. The spokesman said the tour was to show the “truth”. Apparently, uncomplimentary video evidence is not the “truth”. I have come across this before, “truth” is that which the established power says it is.

I remember the last such corporate egg factory sandwich i had. It was from Burger King at Cleveland Hopkins aeroport last century. I puked it up in a barrel in the parking garage, if i remember exactly, seconds after ingestion.


David Letterman had Herman Cain on Friday’s show. He pointed out that Cain was less than honest about not being a Washington insider, since he was president of a restaurant association headquartered in Washington. Cain said he was not a lobbyist, that he hired lobbyists. Cain reminded Letterman that he had a degree in mathematics and that being a mathematician, the vast majority [he said 95%] of his life was outside of Washington. Letterman also ridiculed nine-nine-nine as another version of trickle down. Cain mentioned there was 200 countries and he could not list them. Letterman asked Cain how many pizza toppings he had. Cain said nine, but did not list them. Cain likes numbers, but is deficient in arithmetic logic.

Letterman, went a little out of the way, to point out some of the ridiculous things from Cain's campaign. The smoking campaign manager commercial, chief amongst them. David then wouldn't let up on the sex scandal accusations. Actually, Letterman was aggressive. He believes that Cain should not seriously be considered. It was not a soft interview, but a good one.

Letterman was fair in his scrutiny, and did service to the electorate. Really, it was better than those done by 'newsmen'. Letterman covered several topics, and though not being shook off, he did not belabor. Cain has just recently requested, and received Secret Service protection. Candidates need to be protected against questions.

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