Monday, November 21, 2011

militarised sadists

One lesson needs to observed for people's safety: people, such as the Occupy America activists, need to wear helmets and goggles. It may be a silly and unnecessary uniform. As an uniform, it would signify the absurdity of the situation.* There are motorcycle helmets, and football helmets with visors. Military veterans have worn helmets in combat. Of course, construction helmets are usually worthless.

At University of California Davis on Friday, 18 November a group of students were sitting on a cement walk in silence. A militarised stormtrooper, employed as campus police, unloaded an aerosol can of industrial grade oleoresin capsicum. Lieutenant John Pike pepper sprayed seated and still protestors, spraying the pepper juice in a motion one uses when spraying weed killer across a long crack of cement, slow deliberate, and coming back with a second coat. This spray is concentrated in potency about ten times [or more] of habanero peppers. The Chemical Weapons Convention forbids it for military use.

Of course, this is not the only instance currently of cruel, unnecessary, gratuitous, viciousness of police. It was just photographed and filmed. Certainly, without the film [and even with it] they would lie about the interaction. It is what police and their supporters do.

Note, how this is covered on television, radio and in print. What words will be used? How much a threat the students were? How endangered were the police? How violent was the crowd? Here you have seen a photograph. Videos are available. What if none were? How plausible would the authorities version be? Damn lucky, the cameramen were not roughed up and their cameras smashed, or confiscated.

Locale after locale, the cops are dressed like 21st century gestapo stormtroopers. Nationally, they have co-ordinated their strategies and tactics.
*laws might be enacted to prohibit the wearing of such helmets away from playing fields, and riding

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