Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Even the ruins are beautiful

In 1933 the Rusyns, living near E.93 and Orleans, in the Newburgh section of Cleveland, Ohio built their second parish church of St. Joseph Greek Catholic (Byzantine). In less than fifty years they had moved to the suburbs, and having services at Brecksville High School until their third church was built. On the next street, in a line, exact east is the former Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was a Slovak Roman-rite Church. The Slovaks and Rusyns are related nations; although some Ukrainians claim they are Ukrainians, and the Poles are nearby too.

The second St. Joseph's church was sold to Greater Zion Hill Baptist. Fortunately, they were not iconophobes and left the murals. Unfortunately, they could not keep up the building it has been vacant for several years. The former school building is now Greater Tabernacle Church.
This part of the apse mural, faded but intact, shows Moses on the left; John the Baptist on the right; the Holy Spirit on top; and Joseph, Jesus, and Mary in the center; several angels. Not shown, is God the Father; the center axis portrays the Three Persons of the Trinity. Also not shown, are large holes in the ceiling revealing the wire mesh holding the plaster.
the floor of the nave is gone
Melchisedech the king of Salem, bringing forth bread and wine, said: Blessed be Abram
Saint Stephen Protomartyr
A faded SS. Cyril and Methodius, Equals to the Apostles
One of several seraphs (six winged angel)
postscriptum: building is gone

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