Monday, November 21, 2011

Newt being Gingrich

'Newt' Gingrich is the poster boy for insufferable arrogance. In his narcissistic delusions he assumes to be an intellectual. He taught college history before being a congressman from the northern suburbs of Atlanta. He was in Congress for twenty years, the last four as Speaker. He was the chief author of the Contract on America. During his control of Congress, he was reprimanded and fined on an ethics charge.

Before becoming speaker he was minority whip, succeeding Dick Cheney and followed by Tom Delay. These absolutely loathsome men have poisoned America, and Cheney the world. Their cutthroat ambition and lack of scruples have produced the current national politics.

Gingrich was successful in much of his desires. His obnoxiousness was recognised by much of America. A coup was attempted amongst Republicans to have him leave the speakership in 1997. It failed. After a poor showing nationally for their party in 1998, and facing another coup, he left Congress.

He is currently running for President. When he was in power, he challenged Bill Clinton repeatedly, including orchestrating an impeachment. He wanted the presidency then. It is no surprise to see him running now. The interval between then and now has surprised some people. He used the time to accumulate money. Time was needed to have people forget his odiousness.

Also in the meantime, his party has become ever increasingly fascist. The establishment candidate, and heir to the candidacy, Mitt Romney is not viscerally acceptable to this constituency. A series of challengers have come out of the demonic clown car to vie for the crown. Each one upon scrutiny has faded back in the pack. Gingrich is the one now. As a democrat, and as a Democrat, this would be great. Let these two stay at the top. Normal America just will not vote for Gingrich. His condescension will not be acceptable. This is not a warm, demonstrative man.

Further his scandals, which have ended by marrying his successive partner in adultery does not play well. Though representing Georgia, he is not quite a southerner. Politically, converting to Catholicism is a way to lose votes in most Republican friendly districts and states.

Now our anti-hero to fully demonstrate how conceited, haughty, overbearing, pretentious, overbearing, and scornful he is to the point of stupidity is this statement he made about the democracy activists against Wall Street, in a church in Des Moines, "Go get a job right after you take a bath."* Those who protest the establishment are all dirty and jobless. That's a ridiculous blanket statement. He also suggests that the jobless have no first amendment rights. He also suggests that those that work, also have no first amendment rights. All those that do not rule, should work, and say nothing. That is the society we need—that of masters and slaves. Some should point out that the proletariat masses can still vote. Why would they show agreement with him by voting for him? That is why Republicans are so keen in reducing the electorate.

On a similar note, on Friday past, at Harvard, his magnificence said child labor laws "
are truly stupid". Start working menial jobs, for menial pay as soon as possible. While Newtie gets thousands dollars to make asinine speeches, and even more money writing asinine books, that stroke the rich, and beat the poor. These cruel, idiot Republicans all want the economic world to function like the views of Ebeneezer Scrooge before he made acquaintance with his ghostly visitors.
*In that Republicans never learn anything, they also never forget. This was something that would have been said when in the late 60s, and early 70s people were protesting the Viet Nam War and other causes, and the country had full employment and jobs were readily available. Those who rule America now, made sure they did not go to war then, and registered unemployment is 10% and employers want you to jump through hoops.

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