Tuesday, June 1, 2010

White Rabbit of frank speech

The most wild and free moments of truthful and brilliant hilarity on television are the puppet cold intros by an angry scotsman. Craig Ferguson on the 28th of May had his naughty bunny give a devastating apology. It seems he whilst cute and meek enjoys rough language, to the point of revel abandonment. Yet, Craigy is honest and accurate. Instead of using the falsity of calling rude words 'french', he identifies it as german. If he was a highlander, he could have called it sassenach (saxon).

While appearing fearful, and humiliated, and begging excuse he says what he damn well wants to say. Whether he went to the shock of the cute being fiercely ribald or not, the rabbit has been a trickster and a subversive in american culture. Bugs Bunny did not start out as a rabbit, when the switch was made, it was effective. Only a cartoon scholar knows, or the aged with steel trap memories know of his prior avatar. Br'er Rabbit was a 19th century comic figure of clever mischief that Joel Chandler Harris popularised with readers by borrowing cherokee indian folklore from his native Georgia . The silent Bunny Rabbit always got his carrots early from Captain Kangaroo. There are current underground comics, and japanese anime that trades the cuteness of the rabbit with the shock of violent behavior.

Rabbits are hares. Lewis Carroll had both the March Hare and the White Rabbit tripping Alice. There has been a terminiology shift in english. Coneys became rabbits, and rabbits became bunnies. The cycle seems to be substituting the baby term for the adult and then creating a new baby term. The animals are recognised to be harmless and essentially sweet.

Craigy caught this comic subversive character of the rabbit. Ferguson is subversive. He is funny. Genuine humor must be truthful. Ferguson has a cast of successful and sarcastic puppets. Wavy the cajun crocodile was comic genius and subversive. This rabbit may be his superior. Wavy is a boisterous cad and "dangerous". Sock puppets delight children. The child can make his puppet say anything, or nothing, and the child can pretend, that, he the child did not voice those thoughts.

The rabbit may come back, but he does not need to. He has displayed effective and complete contempt for language censorship. Craigy enjoys swearing, his puppets get away with it.
postscriptum: The rabbit has identified himself as Sid from north London, the bunny that does not cuss all the time, but people recognise him as the Cussing Bunny.

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