Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eviction Mass cancelled

Lennon's Mass of Eviction for Saint Emeric (Imre) has been cancelled. This was covered by the paper press and the television. Since no one at the parish would co-operate in the service, or any of the regular congregants would even attend, it would not have met with his lordship's desires. He psychologically needs to demonstrate his authority. A Mass in front of only his entourage, and the police, would never suffice for public consumption and episcopal pride.

This causes one to wonder: since both St. Peter's and St. Emeric's had such a high refusal rate amongst their people, would similar corporate will, at other parishes, also have forced Richard Lennon to withdraw? Of course.
It also proves, if it needed to be shown, that his formal presence and an official Mass of Eviction is not needed to "close" a church. Still another question is should a church close?

There will be services held at Saint Emeric on Wednesday, the 30th of June. One outside the church at 3 o'clock, and in the church at 4 o'clock.

From the Parishioners of St. Emeric Church :


Yesterday, June 28, Bishop Richard G. Lennon abruptly reversed course and announced that he will suspend plans to conduct the closing Mass at St Emeric church. Following its 106 year existence as a Cleveland parish, the community of St. Emeric had been scheduled to be suppressed permanently on June 30, 2010, in spite of 15 months of continuing appeals and steadfast resistance to the closure from parishioners. This was to be the last of 56 scheduled Cleveland church closings resulting from the Cleveland Diocesan Reconfiguration Plan initiated 3 years ago by its architect, Bishop Lennon. Although an appeal to the Vatican Council of Clergy is still pending, a June 30 closing Mass had been announced by the Diocese, with Bishop Lennon presiding.

Given these circumstances, the status of St Emeric remains open under canon law. In spite of the reversal, many St Emeric parishioners, supported by a significant number of people from other closed Catholic churches, other denominations, and ethnic communities will go forward with plans for a prayer litany at 4 pm, preceded by peaceful demonstrations and media interviews starting at 3pm.

Following the 4 pm prayer litany, a Christian fellowship dialog / vigil will commence to discuss concerns, including the pastoral needs of affected Catholics in dealing with emotional issues of losing their church and for transition plans for their faith. Bishop Lennon and/or any spokespersons for the Diocese are welcome to participate in this pastoral care and dialog session.

Many Catholics feel that Bishop Lennon has grossly failed in his pastoral duties to these closed congregations, and that the Diocesan Reconfiguration Plan will result in a spiritual and emotional turmoil for Cleveland Catholics, and economic disaster for affected Cleveland neighborhoods. Furthermore, the damaging long-term consequences of the lost parishes will be felt for generations, to the detriment of Catholicism and personal religious freedoms. June 30 represents a good opportunity to begin mitigation of this damage and explore ways for rebuilding bridges of faith and trust in the religious community of Cleveland.

All Christians, members and supporters of
ethnic communities, and fair-minded friends concerned about injustice of church suppression and threats to our basic freedoms, are encouraged to show support and solidarity with affected parishioners and the surrounding community by their presence at St. Emeric Church, starting 3 pm on June 30th. All media personnel are welcome for all planned activities.

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