Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lennon's perpetuity

Richard Lennon has ordered up a limited warranty deed (a real estate document) prepared by diocesan lawyer, Kevin T. Burke. This document is to be signed by the purchaser of parish property. There are restrictions for use: no use for any catholic Sacraments; no prurient use, including those in any way related to abortion.

The document has the wording: "The preceding restrictive covenants shall remain in effect in perpetuity..." Interesting choice of words and concept. Parishes are created in perpetuity. This is canon law, and Gospel law. Richie is free to abrogate this 'perpetuity' at his caprice, yet when he sells the property of that perpetual parish, his restrictions are to be perpetual. Canon law and Gospel law are to be dispensed with, but state law will be binding. Can you say "pharisaic hypocrisy"?

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