Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sites disrupted

the text has been greatly revised owing to inability to ascertain, with degree of comfortable certainty, the cause of problem. i also failed in editing out my frustration to any degree.

I have been told to by a friend that visits this site, that he and another acquaintance cannot access it. The address for this site is:


It is not a very well known site. I would say, it is of little interest, mostly no interest to the outside world. I doubt it receives any significant volume of readership, but apparently it is, or may be, a thorn of serious enough irritation as to invite attack.

Previously, the site for Endangered Catholics was, and still is sabotaged. Someone using computer access from Shaker Heights did havoc on that site.


try this instead:

I am not a computer savant. I do not know how this was done, and i can not prove it was done. I fully believe, that mischief was done. It is a short hop to tell for what purpose. To interfere with internet sites, I was to understand, is a form of cyber illegality. Everything in defense of the régime is permissible by some.

There has been an active campaign for the stifling of information about, especially critical information, and opinion on Richard Lennon. Also there has been an active disinformation campaign promoting Lennon. The local press coverage has been muted.

We know, without doubt ― that Lennon has tyrannized the clergy and religious in the diocese. Many voluntarily proclaim the company line in favor of Lennon, and defend him to great, and even, total extent. I have been threatened with bodily harm, in person, because it is known that I am not in approval of Lennon and his programme and ways.

Even if I am wrong in opinion, and I certainly am confident that I am correct, those whom are willing to defend Lennon by physical assault of his detractors, they certainly are not behaving as Christians. They are nonplussed. And further on this, is it necessary for the police entourage and undercover detectives to cover the closures? Is it not violent to bring armed men into church?
Postscriptum: I have been told by a correspondent, that he had no problem accessing this site. I do not know why some can and some can not access this site. I know of no Blogger service disruption. It is certainly not inconceivable that it is non-malign failure.
I know the one fellow tried several different searches (by use of search engines) and could not access (or find) this site, until this afternoon.
It is certain that the site:
http://www.endangeredcatholics.webs.com/blog.html has been compromised. In that light, it may be no co-incidence that this site has encountered trouble.

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  1. I have had no site disruption of either site and I check both often. You are using a free blog site. You get what you pay for. It may be remarkably consistent but it won't be perfect.