Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wendelin's taken

Another milestone on the road to the devastation of the diocese of Cleveland, and to the creation of the diocese of Lennongrad. Saint Wendelin's the last surviving slovak parish has been extinguished, and its monies and properties are freed to be played with and dealt.

The timetable was rigidly followed as usual. Lennon was in the backseat of a car driven by his toadie's spouse, exactly 90 minutes after the beginning of the Mass of Eviction. His toadie, Armstrong, turned over 'his' parish to his employer. A half hour later the building was cleared. A heavy police presence was again in evidence, and they stood and watched for nothing to happen. People lost their parish and community. That being of no concern to the management and the authorities. A sustained attempt was made to squelch any public show of dissension. It failed. Some of Wendelin's parishioners were at the forefront of the greater diocesan dissatisfaction with Dickie the Destroyer. They were going to have a demonstration. It was an added closing charge to be taken from the kitty, the police will be paid. Frugality is not one of Lennon's bugbears.

It was a warm day. So to shield the congregation, from the protesters, the front doors were closed. The bishop's party were uncomfortable anyway.

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  1. Elaine 'Andrews (Ondrejka) CarrollMay 25, 2010 at 2:44 AM

    We protested against Lennon's destructive church closures. What did you do? Had we been united at the start, our outcome could have been different. Lennon slithered in the locked gate on Willey Avenue and was driven out by a "cheshire-grinning driver". Bishop Lennon, on judgement day, the back gate doesn't exist and there will not be a "get-away driver". You will have to face the Almighty Opposition face to face.