Friday, May 28, 2010

Steps of Cleveland's City Hall

Monday, May 24th, on the steps of Cleveland's City Hall there gathered a colorful rally of catholics and their banners, and other citizens and residents, and their elected representatives within Cleveland. Councilman Dona Brady (ward 17), she who was successful in battling the bishop, had gotten a reprieve, conditional ($$), on the grand St. Ignatius of Antioch, [SS. Philip and James had fallen to the axe], sounded like a member of the incensed catholic citizenry herself.

The councilman, TJ Dow (ward 7), and
the next State Representative from District 10, Bill Patmon pleaded the necessity of keeping these necessary [and financially sound] pillars of the community open and reopened. Councilman Dow proudly represents St. Casimir's. Bill Patmon, announced he was not an european ethnic, and not a catholic, but fully christian enough to support his brethren. All of these folk wanted to meet with the bishop for redress. Brian Cummins (ward 14) addressed the question of interior landmark protection. Kevin Conwell (ward 9) showed up late, but was there on the steps, as was Zach Reed (ward 2), who was there from the beginning.

The group, Endangered Catholics, had their executive officers open, and close the rally. A parishioner of St. Lawrence, and St. Casimir, read an open letter of defiance addressed to Lennon, as the traffic of noisy buses competed for sound, after he recognised the two women whom were the liaisons and nuncios to City Hall. Another Casimiri cited the patronage of the Divine Mercy of Jesus being in evidence. Three television cameras rolled, but very little footage was aired. The catholics brought their own video photographer, John Juhasz, and he posted below: part 1 (Kloos intro, Councilwoman Brady) part 2 (other councilmen) part 3 (our "color commentator") part 4 (Pat and Joe do the wrap).

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