Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lennon takes St. Patrick's

When Lennon and his spokesmen say he was welcomed and people enjoy the new benefit his wisdom will bring to them, look at this photograph; not one person in it would agree. Now increase that by those who showed to the other masses, or stayed away so as not to greet Lennon. The camera did not have a wide angle lens to show additional refuseniks, and it doesn't show the people across the street, by the photographer. Click or open link for better detail.
Sometimes the pavement steps speak.
Recent Patrick graduates on the steps in solidarity with those against the lennonist plan.
No not just this congregation, but the entire church.
After the second Mass of Eviction on the 30th of May, a piper led the
parish forward as they retook the church, for a time, till they were seated to pray five decades of the Rosary.
A parishioner of Saint Patrick, and president of Endangered Catholics, Patricia Singleton-Schulte trying to engage the bishop in his forgotten promise of dialog.
The police were there in force, bored out of their wits, but paid by Lennon to bring firearms into the House of the Lord.
I was quite wrong, in that since, Lennon deviates practically not an iota, I thought he would be in a car at 1.30 p.m., after a diversion. That would have been at the time the first decade of the rosary would conclude. People were waiting (with a television cameraman, her reporter and a newspaper photographer at a side entrance). The reporter (Shannon O'Brien) said, on air (after 6.30 pm), that more people were outside the church than inside.
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