Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mayday II - Suppressed Saint Peter's

pre-gathering greetings Reading a litany of closed churches with a bell a speaker defending the parishes closed and chastising their closer part of the crowd on Superior

People gathered at the recently suppressed, and very vibrant to the end, but now closed Saint Peter's, the first ethnic church of the diocese. They heard a litany of the churches taken and about to be taken by Richard Lennon. One of the speakers gave a list of indictments of the bishop who "has gone too far". Another speaker read a letter delivered to the bishop concerning the recent activity of the chancery against the people of the diocese and the letter of canon law. Both were the main officers of the Endangered Catholics. It seems Rome is also watching from inference of the speakers' remarks. Another speaker defended the closed parishes and also chastised the bishop for his failings, misunderstandings and hardness of heart. After all this they formed behind a gonfalon of the Divine Mercy of Jesus, and a fine spirited bagpiper, and processed to the cathedral. They arrived at the cathedral as the bells were tolling.

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