Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mayday III - Prayer at Saint John's

Leaving Saint Peter's, going to Saint John's
Passing out prayer sheets before Divine Mercy Chaplet
Piper plays last lament
The future of the Church rushing to be pictured
A sign left behind

They gathered to pray a chaplet of the Divine Mercy. After this was over, they chanted the thought of the day, "Save Our Churches". They then began to sing. They sang Amazing Grace, America the Beautiful [twice but not consecutively], Let Peace Begin with Me, We Shall Overcome, the polish and hungarian anthems. Then a light rain fell.

During their prayer service, an ordination mass for deacons was ending. It was announced in the cathedral, that there were troublemakers out front, and a few people came out the main doors. An oversize key was left with a guard to find its way to Richard Lennon the bishop, apparently he never went to Saint Peter's to get it.

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