Monday, May 10, 2010

Last day for Saint Barbara's

Window depicting Saint Barbara at Saint Barbara in Cleveland was paid for by the children of Saint Barbara's school.

Yesterday, was Mother's Day on the secular calendar. Lennon suppressed St. Barbara, and Our Lady of Mercy. He went from W. 14th and Denison to W. 11th and Kenilworth, with the connection of Jennings Freeway to I-90 and the W. 14th exit to Tremont and Lincoln Park at the door step of Saint Barbara's. It was a very convenient convoy.

On Saint Barbara's last day, Barbara's people were speaking about their last resident priest, their former pastor (listed as administrator), whom had just died. Lennon in his leaden, tone deaf manner mentioned it to the assembly.
Father Michael S. Dyrcz had been there from 1997. Father Dyrcz was removed from the parish accounting for his perceived unsuitability, due in part to his progressively worsening nerve ailment, and for unpolitic remarks concerning the new bishop.* Four of the five parishes Fr. Dyrcz had served in have been extinguished by Lennon (St. Wenceslas, Corpus Christi, St. Stanislaus (Lorain), St. Barbara).
before Sunday vigil Mass Lent 2010
2 catholic poles demonstrate during St. Barbara's Mass of Eviction
*this sentence was changed from a more undiplomatic earlier one

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