Monday, October 29, 2012

Snapshot 303 to-day

270 needed to win
303 look Democratic
65   movement
170 look anti-Democratic

before Hurricane Sandy

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Prayer Vigil

 prayer vigils of Cleveland's exiled Catholics have ended
A chapter on the Catholic Church in Cleveland during the time of Lennonism is coming to an end. Saint Emeric is the last of the eleven resuscitated parishes to have an Homecoming Mass. That Mass will be noon, Sunday, 4 November 2012. That is next week. But to-day, there was the last parish meeting in the street, or so they thought. Their pastor Fr. Sandor Siklodi was waiting for some three dozen souls, and opened doors to get them out of the rain, and to congregate inside their church.

The Magyar language Mass had been at 9.45 am, before the lennonist forced (and police aided) eviction (1 July 2010), and it was the last eviction. Saint Emeric followed in the tradition begun by St. Casimir, after their lennonist eviction. They convened their parish outside their beloved, closed church building. They held constant, and you are aware of Cleveland weather, and met continuously. That time has come to an end.
Earlier to-day, at 9 a.m., many of the St. Emeric faithful joined in Mass at Saint Colman's. Saint Colman's, and its pastor, Rev. Fr. Robert Begin have supported the Emeric congregation. On the 1st and most 3rd Sunday afternoons an Magyar Mass was held at St. Colman's for the displaced Hungarians. Time, and again, St. Colman's has shown a keen and eager brotherhood for their fellow Catholics (and others), and less fear of their bishop. Father Begin mentioned at the beginning that the Emericians had suffered over these two years.
At the end of Mass a plaque of appreciation was presented to Fr. Begin, and the parish of St. Colman's by the people of St. Emeric's. An embroidered vestment was given to Fr. Begin, also.

This is history. It should be reported, and recorded, for the future reference of those interested in the elaboration and demonstration of the communal spiritual faith of the American people, and by those interested in the Catholic Church. Communities were told to disband, and some adamantly refused. They travelled from Caiaphas to Pilate, and Rome finally, and repetitively, agreed with them.

end of last exile service, for the now former exiles, who now possess their church again
WJW-TV8 was inside the church to record 
banner reads:   Isten Hozott vissza Sándor Atya
Welcome back Father Sandor

Friday, October 26, 2012

Outré Congress

There are several members of Congress that are outré, sane in their own eyes and stark, raving, crazier than a shit house rat to the rational world.  Some are remarkably vicious. Many are teabaggers. If God is merciful, and if enough people vote sanely; then some of these will not be in Congress in January. A half dozen sitting senators are wacko too, but not up for election this cycle. A couple of  extremist state politicians are running for senator: Mourdock, and Mandel.

This list is not exhaustive. Some states have more than one nutcase. Some should be institutionalised. The saddest point is that some have absolutely safe districts. Good God! what sort of buffoons (or worse) live there???? Only in America.

Trent Franks (R)
Ben Quayle (R)  defeated in primary
Jeff Flake (R)   running for senator, won

Allen West (R)  defeated and defiant

Jack Kingston (R)
Paul Broun (R) ran unopposed, 5,000+ write-in votes recorded for Charles Darwin 1882†
Phil Gingrey (R)

Joe Walsh (R)   defeated
Steve King (R)
Todd Rokita (R)
Michele Bachmann (R)
Todd Akin (R)   running for senator, lost

North Carolina
Virginia Foxx (R)
Patrick McHenry (R)

Jean Schmidt (R)   defeated in primary
Joe Wilson (R)
Scott DesJarlais (R) "family values candidate" and physician; had wife, mistresses have abortions

Texas (this could be a much longer listing)
Joe Barton (R)
Louie Gohmert (R)

Jason Chaffetz (R)
Eric Cantor (R)

Paul Ryan (R)
Sean Duffy (R)

Democratic State, Republican State, Swing State


South West                   D/R +%                   
Nevada                               D 12
Arizona                              R   9
New Mexico                      D 15
Colorado                            D   8

   Lower Middle West
Iowa                                   D  9
Missouri                             R  1
Indiana                               D  1
Ohio                                   D  4

  Atlantic Coast
New Hampshire                 D  9
Virginia                              D  6
North Carolina                   D  1
Florida                                D  2

Montana                             R  3
North Dakota                     R  8
South Dakota                     R  8
Georgia                              R  5

Now, most of this presidential campaign has been actively disputed in less than a dozen of the fifty states, and DC. The term used, incredibly often, is 'swing states'. There is some ambiguity in the particular grouping. Above is listed the margin in percentage points which party won in 2008. I wrote about this before. The campaigns, and the press are only considering those states listed above that Obama won, minus Indiana. Earlier i expected all the first twelve to go Democratic in 2012.

There is a bias to make this seem like a close race. In 2008, McCain defeated Romney and lost to Obama. Romney is still the inferior candidate. Obama has been obstructed mightily by an oftentimes demented opposition, and nothing stuck. Obama has had a scandal free first term. One of the few advantages the Republicans have is they own the machines that will 'count' the votes, and have a compliant press.

Screen grab from Yahoo, early a.m. 10.23.12.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Battling for Suffrage and Franchise

 This was the goal, to drop a completed ballot into this box.
 new message on E. 35th & Cuyahoga Community College
Beginning yesterday, some of the voter suppression billboards went down. A few were replaced by a voting encouragement one. This should not be a Republican versus Democratic issue, BUT IT CERTAINLY IS. Over all in exposure, the Republicans won the trick. Their signs were anonymously procured, to begin with. They were up for more days before the election, than there are now left, and there were more of them. The damage is done, and no penalty occurred. It must be, always noted, that, Clear Channel (the owner of the billboards) is intimately linked with Romney's Bain Capital. The new signs were sponsored by Cleveland City Council, and that is ONLY because the Republicans have not a member on it to obstruct, bitch, piss, and moan. In other jurisdictions, under Republicans, such tactics hold. It is apparent, that, the United States has two political parties: an aggressive, fascistic one in the form of the Republicans, and a democratic one (the Democratic Party).

Now, these democratic signs are up largely because the councilman for Ward 5, Phyllis Cleveland (and State Senator Nina Turner), exposed the Republican tricks nationally. Yesterday, they called the press to record the change on the first billboard on Central Avenue. As Ms. Cleveland has said, "...It's just a blatant attempt to keep people in this community, particularly black people and poor people, from voting." Her ward was the most heavily targeted.
people voting, to-day, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections
Cuyahoga is both the most populated, and the most Democratic county in Ohio. Early voting leans Democratic. Will the votes be counted?, and counted as cast? Many remember the antics, and unprosecuted fraud that Ohio (and the country) suffered in 2004.
 Voting is a Right. Not a Crime!

debate round up

first presidential debate
vice-presidential debate
"...Stop talking about how you care about people. Show me something. Show me a policy. Show me a policy where you take responsibility. And by the way, they talk about this Great Recession if it fell out of the sky, like, oh my goodness, where did it come from? It came from this man voting to put two wars in a credit card, to at the same time put a prescription drug benefit on the credit card, a trillion- dollar tax cut for a — very wealthy. I was there. I voted against him. I said, no, we can't afford that. And now all of a sudden these guys are so seized with a concern about the debt that they created —" —Joseph Biden
 second presidential debate (with a demented Charlie Sheen stare)
ROMNEY: You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack, it was an act of terror.
It was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you're saying?

 PRESIDENT OBAMA: Please proceed governor.

 MR. ROMNEY: I — I — I want to make sure we get that for the record, because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.

 PRESIDENT OBAMA: Get the transcript.

 MS. CROWLEY: It — he did in fact, sir.   So let me — let me call it an act of terrorism — (inaudible) —

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Can you say that a little louder, Candy? (Laughter, applause.)

MS. CROWLEY: He did call it an act of terror.

third presidential debate
" I know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy -- but every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong." — Barack Obama

 "But I think Governor Romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mention the Navy, and how we have fewer ships than 1916. Well Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers; we have ships that go underwater; nuclear submarines. And so the question is not a game of 'Battleship' where we're counting ships. It's: What are our capabilities? So when I sit down with the Secretary of the Navy and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we determine how are we going to be best able to meet all of our defense needs in a way that also keeps faith with our troops, that makes sure our veterans have the kind of support that they need when they come home. And that is not reflected in the kind of budget that you're putting forward because it just doesn't work. We visited the website quite a bit and it still doesn't work." — Barack Obama

 "You keep on trying to airbrush history here." — Barack Obama

Monday, October 22, 2012

Squirrel and Swan

Lake Anna Park, Barberton, O.
I have posted fotos of squirrels before. I have not for a while. I have a fondness for squirrels and birds. To-night there is a presidential debate in Boca Raton Florida. That's the place that Romney made the confessional pitch to his crowd of multi-millionaires, wherein he dismisses 47% of Americans as not much more than scum. In debate, there is a term 'squirrel'. You have heard ideas mentioned as squirrely? Squirrel argument, or definition, is one brought up (usually by the affirmative side [they speak first]) that is odd, unusual, nutty, rare, or invented for the occasion. This is done to gain advantage, for it is unexpected, and presumably--unprepared for. Some judges do not take kindly to this as it is akin to chicanery. Sometimes the point carries, and the debate is won.
From the middle 1950s to the middle 1960s Flanders and Swann were an English comedy music act. No one was more high brow than they. They were between Gilbert and Sullivan and the Smothers Brothers. Robert Conrad used to play them on WCLV in the 95.5 days. One great one was, All Gall, set to the tune of This old man. The anglophone world does not like Charles de Gaulle, but he was a giant, and a true patriot. He was a patriot for France, not a puppet for the English and the Americans.
Vive de Gaulle!

This old man, he played one,
He played knick-knack at Verdun.
Cognac, Armagnac, Burgundy and Beaune,
This old man came rolling home. 

This old man, World War Two,
He told Churchill what to do, ...

...This old man thinks he's Saint Joan.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebration of 'ethnic stuff'

 Celebration of 'ethnic stuff' as the shakedown continues.
Parishioners in Slovene village dress with clergy
St. Mary Collinwood
sign reads: Bog Živi vas in Marija Vnebovzeta
God lives in you and Mary of the Assumption
  Fr. John Kumše holding scarlet carnations and ribbons of national colors
also seated Fr. Zvonko Blasko (St. Paul Croat), retired Bp. Edward Pevec, Fr. Franci Petrič (Ljubljana, editor Družina)

The parish of St. Mary's of the Assumption in Collinwood, in Cleveland Ohio had a double celebration for their pastor. Father John Kumše recently turned sixty, in addition he has been pastor for twenty-five years. When he started at St. Mary's, he was the youngest pastor in the diocese. At the end of Mass, he held up a photograph of himself as a three year old, and said that was still him. He also said, that he has been here for twenty-five years, and wants twenty five more.

A beautiful bi-lingual Mass was accompanied by chorus, organ, and violinist. Hymns from Slovenia, music from Mozart, Rimskij-Korsakov and a colorful procession replaced the usual 10am and noon Masses. Afterwards a dinner was held in the parish hall, but before making that trip, there were trays of small plastic glasses with different sorts of 'potent potables'.

Yes, a celebration of parish community life of congregation and pastor occurred; the 'ethnic stuff' that their Bishop Richard Lennon so dislikes, that he does not even allow for it to be mentioned in his presence. An inserted page in the day's parish bulletin, it was highlighted that the bishop's "Rooted in Faith" shakedown was successful. The parish had to cough up $435,000 to prove it was vibrant; with 15% of the parish, already, responding for $473,000. Now, the bishop will allow them to keep 70% of the overage. Also noted, the parish expects a new sound system to cost $32,000. The bishop's financial office will rule on this. Lennon does not like celebrations, he likes collections. His tax on the weekly basket is 16½%, that is more than what Mitt Romney pays in federal tax.

One last note: one of the 'villagers' was from west of the Alps, his costume was with a kilt and sporran.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

“We were not made for war”

“We were not made for war”, was said twice at St. Peter's at E.71 and Euclid last night in Cleveland. The Community of Saint Peter sits three hundred people, perhaps twenty seats were empty. I recognized three professional reporters in the audience, none of them will be writing about this programme. Fr. Bourgeois told his life story in a soft voice, and excellent humour. He speaks in a calm, measurd tone. His sincerity, and integrity are very apparent.

Fr. Bourgeois is best known to the world for beginning the School of the Americas Watch (SOA Watch) in 1990. The final impetus for this was the dark of the night military execution of professed religious in El Salvador that took place on 16 November 1989. It was not the first planned murders. The assassins, and planners, were trained at the School of the Americas, once in Panama, now in Columbus Georgia's (where Fr. Bourgeois now resides) Fort Benning. Every year, since 1990, there has been a non-violent protest at Fort Benning. Some 300 people have been arrested in that span for criminal trespass, and are generally sentenced to the maximum (six months). An half dozen Clevelanders had travelled that route. Some were in attendance, last night. Father Ray commented on his first detention, “Six years of Maryknoll seminary is good preparation for prison”. He then asked the Jesuit about his experience. Fr. Jimenez speaks little, and did not respond. Fr. Bourgeois is eminently quotable. He said he preferred prison to lobbying.

Roy Bourgeois is from Southwest Louisiana, Cajun country. He mentioned Sr. Helen Prejean, who is also from French Louisiana. He was unaware that, she too was in town speaking that moment in St. Felicitas, Euclid. He came to the priesthood through his experiences as a naval officer doing a combat tour in Viet Nam. An Army chaplain pointed him to the Maryknollers (missionaries in poor countries). Military veterans see war, and know without doubt its actuality.

Father Roy spent the early 1970s in Bolivia. He said the poor showed him solidarity,“The poor people of Bolivia taught me theology”. For such things, he was arrested, accused of insurrection, and deported. During the murderous time in El Salvador (1980), he became a public critic of US foreign policy in Latin America. It is ironic that a critic of the military-bourgeois alliance, is a former naval officer named Roy Bourgeois. ['roi' is french for king]

The work of the SOA Watch has been successful in having a number of countries to stop sending their military [to be trained in murder and torture] to the renamed School of the Americas. The democratically elected governments so doing are: Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua. In 2009 Bourgeois was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prise, and unlike certain previous recipients, he deserves one.

Father Roy is very clear and transparent. He says whenever he is invited to speak (in the last few years), he adds something about women's ordination. “When scandal is mentioned in the church, women's ordination is not what comes to mind”.

This has gotten him in trouble with Rome. He had already been in trouble with the American hierarchy, “the bishops are not shepherds, they are government sheep”. He has been threatened with ex-communication, more than once. He says, he is not concerned about a pension.

He maintains, “Primacy of conscience is sacred”. He is not going to recant. His scriptural defense is St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians iii. 28,  “There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.”.
postscriptum a: I have great respect for Father Roy. His new issue he contrasts tradition with equality. He does this 'seamlessly' as he advertises.

There are many kindred issues. Some are attracted to certain ones, and may not be so to others. As i have read, the Ft. Benning weekends attract a diverse lot. I conjecture, some of those have agendas that distract from peace issues.

Now, the idea of women priests is not my issue; although Fr. Bourgeois does give a gently, simple, concise, and elegantly fine argument.

postscriptum b: 3.00 pm 18 October 2012: yesterday, i was very busy with the camera. It takes me time to type. I did not expect to have this flurry of posts. Again, careful editing i often outweigh for quick posting. I, sometimes, change punctuation, and really want tenses to agree. I sometimes begin thought in one tense, and my fingers wander the keyboard and end in another tense. That i always wish to discover and correct. I also find out, that, “O!, i forgot this good phrase, or no i meant to spell 'abc', not 'acb' ”.  I am also aware of grade school rules of grammar, some i choose to disregard. So if you read this one minute after posting, do not be surprised of minor final differences. Any significant differences will be made in postscriptum. But a year later, if i see a missing letter in a word, i will correct without an asterisk. Also the new design of this journal templates by 'Blogger' is inferior to its predecessor.

Oddities of timing, the occurrence of items to note about fall in a spectrum. Sometimes there is nothing, other times heaps. If i become busy, there will be few postings, even if there are several things to discuss. To-day, Bill Clinton, and Bruce Springsteen were in Parma, Ohio. President Obama, yesterday was in Athens, Ohio. Some Republicans were in Berea, yesterday. I did not make any of it.

postscriptum c: noon 20 October: postscriptum b was applicable to the entire journal from the first post. There has been two periods when my access to a computer and the internet was not convenient. As the sidebar indicates, this journal began in July 2009. The one it superceded began in July 2007. Three ancillary ones are dormant. All in all, 1,148 posts were issued [in computer parlance -- published], 2 were withdrawn [lost sentiment], 7 were by guests; a few were temporary notices, clarifications, and particular messages to particular anonymous people -- all those were never meant to stay. At first i did not think of using graphics, very soon i went back to posts and added them. At first, i used public images, including famous ones (and). Then i began using my photographs. At stretches they are all fotos i shot, exceptions being from national news stories; recently the political graphics (that includes the humourous, especially) have nearly all been borrowed

Well, this click here was the initial post. All in all, i believe it has shown to be correct; but it has been unsuccessful. I have said in conversations to acquaintances, “that's my job, to be right and to be ignored”, and “i know stuff, that's the reason not to listen”.  This has taken a toll. I suggested (at least) once, this would end; and i was talked out of it by two respondents. Now, i have buried this in a postscript footnote.
POSTSCRIPTUM  20  NOVEMBER MMXII: It was announced, yesterday, that Rome has defrocked Fr. Roy Bourgeois.

On a side note:  Finn is bishop in Kansas City, Lennon in Cleveland. 
 postscriptum 6 pm 21 April 2015: Finn has resigned as bishop. [click] and {click}

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

voter suppression billboard

One of four billboards on the corner of East 79th and Cedar. This one is on 79th close to Carnegie.

In the month before the general election, the Republicans the Fascists are trying to intimidate likely Democratic voters. A couple of weeks ago, the Cleveland Plain Dealer did the democracy one good. Councilman Phyllis Cleveland (Ward 5) brought to their attention several billboards with the copy supra. The paper then listed ten locations*:
    Carnegie Ave. and E 36th St.
    Cedar Ave. NS and E 79th.
    Community College Ave and E 35th
    E 14th St. and Carnegie Ave.
    E 55th St. and N. Carry Ave
    E 185th and Harland Ave
    Green Rd and S Euclid Ave
    Madison Ave and W 93 St
    Triskett Rd and W 140th St
    W 140th St and Lorain Ave
Some of these spots are in densely (as of to-day's standards) black populated areas, and heavily traversed streets away from the freeways. The purpose of this campaign is to depress turnout of certain people. 

What the sign speaks about, is rarer than an honest, professional Republican. There are states that can not find an instance of it. When great organised electoral fraud did occur in Florida in 2000, and Ohio in 2004, there were no investigations. Voter fraud is done by individuals voting. Electoral fraud is done by local, and state government, and especially those tallying the votes (and now through computer software) .

Clear Channel put up the billboards, they are owned by Bain Capital (R$, Romney's creation). The identification of the entity ordering the advertisements is (Paid for by a Private Family Foundation). Who is this brave family exercising this warning to the general public? Where else in America are they up? Perhaps Milwaukee? The formula is simple: the large city in the state with the largest black population, and that state is one that was won in 2008 by the black man in the White House, that could be won by a white man this time.
*later it was reported that thirty such billboards were out up in Cleveland
postscriptum 21 October: Justice! Cleveland's Plain Dealer reports the accursed signs will come down. The paper quotes Clear Channel saying "... billboards violate our policy of not accepting anonymous political ads...".  Clear Channel says it will "donate" ten billboards, and Cleveland City Council will pay for five reading "Voting Is a Right. Not a Crime!".  The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law has paid for signs reading, "Stand up and have your say -- Vote. When we vote, we are all equal.". Some of these signs are expected to be in Milwaukee, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

I expect to post a photograph. 

Bells of St. Mary Immaculate Heart

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Cleveland, O. Sunday, 14 October 2012.

Two springs ago, a strong wind storm blew through, and took off a cross on one of the two steeples. Upon examination it was found that major structural damage had occurred at the base of both cupolas, where they were attached into the masonry; forty percent on the one cupola, seventy on the other. What had happened? Frost Restoration, in the person of the owner, who has been a steeplejack for more than thirty years examined the church. These steeplejacks also worked upon Saint Michael's Cleveland, as there too, the damage was from bullet holes. These are, primarily, wooden structures covered by a copper skin. After many years rain water seeped into the several holes, and then ran down. The holes in the copper allowed entrance of water which ultimately rusted nails and rods, and rotted wood. Some of the shooting had been directed at pigeons, some was by idiots that had nothing better to do. I don't care if the NRA is offended.

Frost Restoration employs an historian, Margaret Lann. Kathleen, wife of the owner, is enamored of this church. They, and their crew, photographed, and took measurements, to be used for future restoration. There are currently three prospective plans ranging from $85-320,000. It is interesting, that recently the parish had been successfully strong armed for a special assessment [Rooted in Faith] of $300,000 by Bishop Lennon. After that was completed, this campaign was authorised. Priorities, my friend.
one cupola and its platform gone from the twin steeples
one cupola on the ground, one bell on a trailer
platform touching down, near the temporary steeple roofs
 a telegenic foto taken from the porch of the house next door, while a quick rain shower falls
one man in lift basket attaching slings
two steeplejacks surveying the removed cupolas below
pictured: The first of two bells in the second steeple being lifted out. This was the bell from the first church building of the parish. It (Franciszek) was made by St. Louis' Henry Stuckstede Bell Foundry Co. in 1894. The second Stuckstede foundry cast nearby St. Lawrence's three bells. Most of America's bell foundries were on the east coast. The only large bell foundry currently is in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The other two bells of Immaculate Heart were cast by the Meneely Bell Foundry of Troy New York in 1920.
Two television stations sent cameramen to film and interview. They spoke to the pastor (Ralph Hudak), the church's historian (Glenn Sobola), and neighborhood children. I do not know if anything aired. The television people were told that the bells were 'baptised', and therefore, had names. The children were interested, and impressed to find this out (as were the cameramen). The children remarked that bells served to wake parents, and they enjoyed the ringing sounds. Glen told them, that it was fitting for them to be named for they had a voice too, and spoke. The bells rang Sunday for Mass, and were recorded to ring for future Masses. They will be put in storage, waiting installation in the restoration.
Pigeons perched on a chimney. They had inhabited the cupolas, and flew past the steeplejacks and their former residence.
left to right: Jožef (Joseph), Zygmunt (Sigmund), Franciszek (Francis)

Guest Submission VII: St. Emeric's decree fulfilled

 supporters and press standing on public property during the stand-off 1 July 2010
 sit in ended
Today in the Plain Dealer, Michael O'Malley gives more of the events surrounding the announcement of this church which was the last to close in June of 2010.  The parishioners "univited" Lennon for the closing Mass, and told him we will not be here if you show up for the close — a boycott. Instead, they had a large prayer service with devotions the day before, and afterwards a number of parishioners led by John Juhasz stayed in the locked building so that the diocese could not get in the following day.  The doors were locked, and the chains were put on the interior of the doors.  The priest and the custodian knew nothing of the takeover plan.

The next day: diocesan workers found the doors locked, and they could not get in. They called the chancery, and then a stand off took place with all media in attendance.  St. Casimir supporters were on the outside witnessing the event. By mid afternoon the chancery called in the police, and told them that that the people in the church broke in and did all kinds of damage to the interior.  I was told this by the police commander, Keith Sulzer. The commander told me, that the diocese told him, if they do not come out immediately, to use a battering ram on the doors.  I told him that the chancery were liars, and that the people stayed in the church after the prayer service, and social, which ended around midnight.  They did no damage, and that they were praying inside.  The commander said, "I am a Catholic. I do not want to batter down the doors. Can I talk to someone".    Immediately we put him in touch with their attorney, Charles Feliciano, the former head consul for the diocese. Feliciano arrived.  A powwow was arranged inside, with the commander, attorney, and the faithful sit down occupiers. Then the commander brought, into the church a number of his men, whom he asked to sit in the pews and pray with the Hungarians.  So they did.

An agreement was reached with no arrests made, after the commander called the chancery, and had them agree to the terms of no arrests, and a meeting with the bishop.  The commander did his Christian duty, and a week later, Bishop Lennon met with the parishioners and counsel. No progress was achieved. The parish's pastor, Sandor Siklodi, had no idea of the sit in.  The next day, 
Lennon told him he cannot practice as a priest in Cleveland.  He told him to leave the diocese.

An appeal was made to Rome by the parish organist, Miklos Peller.  Saint Emeric followed the example of St. Casimir's and started a Sunday morning prayer vigil on the street, being the 5th closed parish to do the same. These parishioners, many of whom were in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against the communists were not giving up without a fight.

After the 10 other churches were opened, Lennon kept punitively
stalling on St. Emeric. Rome had ordered them to be re-opened. Two more appeals were made to Rome concerning Lennon.  Lennon made a comment to the Pellers, that he is tired of this "ethnic stuff" and he will do what he wants to do, regardless of Rome. 

Rome had other ideas. The opening Mass will be on November 4th at noon.  St. Emeric's Day is November 5th.  How about this for a celebration? The parishioners have won out over tyranny by following the teachings of Jesus, living their Catholic faith, and staying together for the Sunday prayer vigil on the street in front of their beloved St. Emeric.

Joe of St. Casimir
— a friend of a voice from the rustbelt, and himself another voice

Steelworker mural

a world of sweat and steel mural (model)
 Mural My Neighborhood is a project programme for high school age kids to team up with an artist with some financial support from businesses to beautify Cleveland's neighborhoods with public art.

11 August
10 October
One of this summer's projects is on Wire and Broadway, between South High and Holy Name. It is a large multi-scene tableau on the labor to create steel. The chief artist is John Rivera-Resto. 

The scene is gridded out, then outlined, and painted. It is on-going. The train has the date November 2012. It would make a great background to photograph people. Stand there, while someone snaps a camera.
11 August
16 August
10 October

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

bulletin breaking--church news

Father Siklodi speaking outside his evicted church to parishioners and friends, one year after, on 30 June 2011

In Közlemény, i suggested the news. It is now public.The parish of Saint Emeric will have their Homecoming Mass at noon Sunday, 4 November. Their old pastor, Sandor Sikoldi, is their new pastor. This is unique amongst the resuscitated parishes. The Hungarian parish would not accept anything less than full implementation of the Vatican decree. Some bishops (including the Vatican) interceded on their behalf. The patronal feast day for the parish is 5 November, St. Emeric's Day, which is on a Monday this year. The last Mass at Saint Colman's for St. Emeric's parish will be Sunday, 21 October.

diocesan announcement click

the unchallenged fraudulent ticket

Romney continually speaks of his bi-partisanship in Massachusetts. President Obama, and the press have not called him on those lies either. He was such a success, that, the probability of him winning Massachusetts is so microscopically close to zero, that it is zero. Of his other home states: California — the same; Michigan — a slight bit more; New Hampshire — perhaps; Utah — [the center of the Mormon universe, since Kolob is a fiction] certainty of certainties.
Lying Ryan was in Youngstown Ohio Saturday. Before he got to the aeroport he stopped at a Catholic soup kitchen, after the meal was done, and everything was put away, and the volunteers leaving, so that photographers could snap propaganda fotos of him and his family doing charity work.

After the president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, Brian Antal, was informed of what happened, he said, “He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall.” Sort of like gwbjr serving a plastic turkey in the aeroport in Baghdad Iraq.

to ghoulishly garnish

corpse bride
Hallowe'en is not a holiday per se. The holiday is the day next, in the western church, All Saints. For our lifetimes it has been a child's day of celebration. The party tradition is somehow related to ancient, pagan Ireland. It is an opportunity. New post-christian America has invented a celtic backstory. Before that, kids had hobo and witch's costumes and collected candy, apples, and change from neighbors' porches. It was also an opportunity for mischief. 'Tricks or treats' gave one a choice: tribute candy, or a knocked over outhouse. Petty childish shakedown became a cherished kiddie tradition, two hours, with a pillow case, in search of various forms of sugar. O, if you are a geezer don't yell at children to get off  your lawn the last days of October.
headless horseman
Somewhere, sometime, this became tamed. The set upon host, became a welcoming host. They began to set a light welcoming the beggars. They began to decorate, first with a candle inside a carved squash. A smiling pumpkin became a jack o'lantern. Some went beyond that, and made life size scary decorations, often borrowed from folklore, and recent stories.
People are scared of death. So graveyard decorations, and other sorts of fearful things and creatures set a mood. Skeletons and skulls are scary to some, while spiders and snakes are scary to some.
sick pumpkin
People are free to practise their imagination. Hallowe'en has largely not been disneyfied in neighborhoods. Some people deploy humour.
Recently, i have seen a very enjoyable television commercial. Most commercials are terrible. This one had a witch flying on a broom about a broom factory. Yes, she was as happy as a witch in a broom factory.

And you can also bring out a phonograph and play 'Monster Mash', or the Anne Boleyn song.
In the Tower of London, large as life,
The ghost of Anne Boleyn walks, they declare.
Oh, Anne Boleyn was once King 'enry's wife,
Until 'e 'ad the 'eadsman bob 'er 'air.
Oh, yes, he done her wrong long years ago,
And she comes back at night to tell him so. ...