Saturday, August 29, 2015

y'no dogs are not in control of their owners

The letters are not that clear, supra, "USDA ". On the other side of the dog, the message was "NO MSG". Showing up to an asian style food festival, is this a dietary joke?

night market cleveland

 good logo
meet and greet
I thought (always looking for context) these were some stylised ceremonial Chinese demons, and then i realised they are from the Art Museum's Parade the Circle, and may be totally unrelated at all; but they were worked very well as entertainment. Red was the color throughout--tents, performers, accents on main building--celebratory; people's tee shirts were not color co-ordinated.
 there were many pictures of food that could have been taken
 the human density was high (wavy dragon and downtown in background)
The dragon dance performers were a picturesque highlight sought out by a television crew (Dawn Kendrick). They center attention, and the crowds are raptly quiet and take oodles of fotos.

Monday, August 24, 2015

One World Day

Cleveland Cultural Gardens is a unique series of gardens, the only permanent such place anywhere. World fairs have exhibits from many nations and states, but Cleveland has one as an institution. And for seventy years it has participated in One World Day, a celebration of the United Nations and the goal of world peace (needless to say this is not looked upon favorably by all political parties, and especially their jingoistic wing, and their conspiracy theory nuts). This year, the day was 23 August.

This tiny booklet makes a great souvenir. One goes to a table in participating gardens, and has the sections 'stamped'. Last year this was done for children, and this year expanded for adults.

 Ona Puckoriute and her puppets
So many people wearing costumes are immediately willing to pose for pictures without saying a word. They do not know the photographer, but are willing to share their image. I am a bit shy to ask, and often sneak an unposed shot. A photographer for the local daily also took her portrait, and asked her name (otherwise i would not know). Ms. Puckoriute was a Lithuanian actress.
 Chinese dancers
 Vietnamese information table
 statue seems to be looking surprised
 Latvian arch


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kites by the big lake

 the flight of so many kites were serene (downtown Cleveland in background)
 kite stairway in the heavens
 samurai kite: this kite would tilt left, then quickly right continuously; very fun to watch
 samurai kite with one of the Detroit Windjammer team
three of the Windjammers danced and swirled matching string of kites
child playing hide and seek

пapma & клiвленд oгaйo

I went to see another parade in Parma. This one was good. The last one was on Ridge, this was a little further east, on State. The Ukrainians and virtually all their cultural institutions marched. The parishes marched with gonfalones (religious banners).
Pokrova (Protection of Mary), Holy Trinity, St. Andrew
Greco-Catholic, Kyivan Patriarchate, Ukrainian Catholic parishes
Flower girls passed out yellow and blue dyed carnations, i was given a yellow one. Hooray for Ukrainians!
 and children are often unassumingly cute
Holy Trinity marched by St. Vladimir with a four footed Ukrainian in national dress. Dogs (as are horses) are natural marchers, and belong in parades.
 One of the highlights of a Parma parade are the sousaphones from Normandy High.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

presidential loser drop list

There are several people pursuing the presidency of the United States. Considering that the age of presidents generally runs between 45 and 75 years old, it is doubtful that more than four of the following could ever be president. And only one would be the next president, this list contains many losers with overly high opinions of themselves. Remember presidents Gingrich, Cain, Bachmann, et alia.

So here is a list of those declared running as of August 17th 2015. This will be updated to when they drop out, or lose. So, the first posting is 19 August 2015; it will come back to the top of this journal as the losers drop out. The Donald would declare all but himself 'losers', and this would be true (again and again) until the tail is pinned on him.

Now, the Republican clown limousine is packed (really, it should be a short yellow bus, but they are all used to greater comfort). The Democrats have a much smaller field. Two of their candidates are recent converts, and they must be engaging in some sort of fantasy. Hillary Rodham (Clinton) had made the switch to the Democracy during college, apparently she progressed from Goldwater to Rockefeller and then forward. Currently, she is undergoing another 'hyooodge' expansion of a molehill (e-mails...e-mails??...what myriad of crimes were engaged by the busheviks under lord cheney and company, and only one minion [Irving Lewis "Scooter" Libby] was found guilty [bushjr commuted his prison sentence to zero days served]) in an, apparently, unending series. It is interesting, the vim and venom her opponents prosecute against her, and the press compliance; then it all fizzles out, the odor clings to her, and in time there is another exercise in this bullshit circus.

I wonder what the English bookies are laying odds to the dropouts.


☐ John (Jeb) Bush
☐ Ben Carson
☐ Chris Christie
☐ Rafael (Ted) Cruz
☐ Carly Fiorina (née Cara Carleton Sneed)

☐ Jim Gilmore
☐ Lindsey Graham
☐ Mike Huckabee
☐ Piyush (Bobby) Jindal
☐ John Kasich

☐ George Pataki
☐ Rand(al) Paul
☐ Rick Perry
☐ Marco Rubio
☐ Rick Santorum

☐ Donald Trump
☐ Scott Walker

☐ Lincoln Chafee (Democrat since 2013)
☐ Hillary Clinton
☐ Martin O'Malley
☐ Bernie Sanders
☐ Jim Webb (Democrat since 2006?)

Monday, August 17, 2015

dragonfly of last week

♀ green darner (Anax junius). Lorain Impoundment.

Friday, August 14, 2015

bricks in the facade

To build with solid stone is more expensive than brick. Some kind of cement and mortar amalgam can be shaped as stone. The bricks act as lathe to plaster.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

different rules for different people

Lorain Avenue. Ohio City. Cleveland.

When business interests want to go into a community, and the community and zoning laws are not amenable...try again, and again, and success generally comes. For as Mitt Romney, the Supreme Court, and the Republican Party say money is people, has a voice, and will be catered to.

Some while ago, someone wrote a book about what one learns in kindergarten. Well, i learned a few things too. One lesson that repeats itself constantly is there are different rules for different people.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

'H' is for Hale Farm, and History

This past weekend, there was a re-enactment of the final battles of the War for the Preservation of the Union. Hale Farm is part of the Western Reserve historical Society, and it served as the encampment site.  The biggest draw was the battles. Infantry, cavalry, and artillery performed. Horses are beautiful. It is not gun smoke that i smelled, but mint. The men and horses were in a pasture that had mint. People did not expect a sweet smelling battle.
After surrender, a confederate attempts to escape, and is cut down.
This girl has an impressive profile. She works in the candle making shop, which is closed during the battle. She doubles as 'security', hence the anachronistic orange vest.
Another anachronism, he did not want to be photographed with the contraband of his cameras.
Saturday, there was a football parade in Canton. The next day, the Steelers were to play. Mixed loyalties.
More mixed loyalties, the little rebel is wearing an Incredible Hulk tee shirt. The exodus is from the second battle of the day.
There are gardens at Hale Farm.
Several musicians were about. This fellow played the beautiful 'Shenadoah', which played wonderfully in the air. He played 'Beautiful Dreamer', and several other mid-XIXth century tunes. He deserved a far greater audience than he received.
The history was sanitised. Everything and everybody was in good mood. The battles raged, barrage of shot after shot went off, cannon blasts, and it took a long time for someone to fall. The men were playing war as children do. No one wants to 'die' and stop playing. The real war was a horror. This one tent as the field hospital was, maybe, the only reminder of how things were. A surgeons kit is on the table. Different saws for different parts of the body to remove. I don't remember hearing the term 'metatarsal saw' before. There was also a wheelbarrow, with dummy severed arms. I was told they were part of 'Captain Mutton'.

It maybe an understatement to see that 99% of the people there (actors and tourists) were caucasian. The war was fought over negro slavery. Not a single hint was evident. Of course, who wants to play a slave? Overwhelming people wanted to play soldier, but there were artisans at the farm who are there all year demonstrating.
Stuff was sold in suttler tents. Some things were surprising: percussion caps from Germany, with all German writing on packaging, and Catholic buttons and holy cards.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

it's mirrors dude...

warning: not the usual sign, the left side is reminiscent of a page on the physics of optics
Recently, the Cleveland Art museum has installed a mirror sculpture outside. It is one of three by Anish Kapoor, named 'C-Curve'. It is not glass, but polished stainless steel. The news daily took fotos on the 3rd for an article on the 4th. I have a dread reading the comments on the paper's internet site. It attracts many mean-spirited typists, some virulently noxious trolls. There was some comment on this  and the 'Free Stamp', mostly unfavorable. Oldenburg has a first baseman's mitt inside the building, currently.

I like this installation. I looked at some of Kapoor's oeuvre. This is about the only one i like. It is a presentation of physics, whether that was his purpose or not. The 'C' is a double-sided mirror. The side that bulges forward in the center is a convex, or fish eye. It is used in store security. The mathematic lines have the focal points inside the mirror, so the image is not real (in size) but virtual. The closer the object, the larger it becomes, but always smaller than reality.
Now, the top picture was taken on the 1st, the next one on the 9th. After a couple of days the mirror burned the grass, especially on the other side. First they put some gravel in two spots, then all about the mirror, something like kitty litter.
These two pictures were also taken on the 1st. The one above shows the concave side (the center bulges inward, away from the viewer). The physics here is more interesting. This shape collects and concentrates light rays. The object's, depending on the distance from the focal point, image can be real, virtual, inverted, magnified or diminished in size. This mirror is in two large pieces (left and right). The convex is perfect in demonstration, i am not so sure on the concave. So often a work is presented with a verbal description and analysis (sometimes it is more artificial than the work), this work should have had the optics explained (it has not).
Here, both sides of the mirror are visible.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Cleveland Clown Central

"...But where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don't bother, they're here."
--Stephen Sondheim
This 'meme' (which was created to be copied) pretty much defined what happened yesterday in Cleveland.

Now, this is a foto taken by reporter Homa Bash (WEWS TV5). I met her once, she is very pleasant (and pretty) and tiny; so i am not in fear. Her beat yesterday was to take account of the protestors. Her comments, "I should mention these protesters seem EXTREMELY peaceful", and "This is more intense police presence & riot gear than I saw at Brelo verdict with 10x less people, and "Overheard at GOP protests: 'Um why are they in full riot gear for like 12 protesters?'".

Wait till next year, more clowns and cops for the demonic clown coronation. Protestors take a warning. Your protests will not be entertained. You should not feel safe. Perhaps, streets devoid of people and only the press presenting images of a police state dystopia will give the world a true sense of what is in store.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cleveland World Festival

 Darth, or his brother Chad the day shift manager at Empire Food Market Madison Wisconsin
 enjoying a Sunday afternoon
 "Yes, and when we take over the world..."

 Chakai Manta
 Alice in Operaland
Cleveland Shakespeare invited the public to read Shakespeare in the Croatian Garden.
Seven Ages of Man. As You Like It. Jaques, Act II. Scene vii.
 "All the world's a stage,..."