Saturday, September 30, 2017

foto of the day—reflection in a rolls

1925 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly Roadster in the atrium of Cleveland Art Museum

Thursday, September 28, 2017

foto of the day

An osage orange on top of a cement corn cob, Dublin Ohio.

Monday, September 25, 2017



You know, you really must know, who disrespects the flag of the United States the most...Donald J Trump. You have heard "one flag, one nation" quotations. Donald Trump has given respect to confederate battle flags, and flags with nazi swastikas. The people who made those flags fought against the United States.

You know, you really must know, who is a divisive liar...Donald J Trump. Trump foments over the anthem/flag, accusing disrespect about the military. The kneeling has nothing to do with that. The kneeling is social protest against police brutality and other abuses inflicted upon the black citizenry of the United States. A protest against unequal treatment. Donald Trump is a racist, and a fascist and he is trying to change the story, manufacturing false propaganda about people making social protest. This profits him by indulging, and having people indulging in hatred towards black Americans. This profits him by distracting the attention of the people, and the news media from the investigation of his crimes and treasons. Every week, sometimes every day, the publicity whore Trump, wants new attention. He is a bully, so that attention comes from attacking someone. The flag is supposed to be a symbol of unity for the people and country that flags belongs to. Trump is using it to make discord, and disunity, and he has no real respect for it in the first place.

Trump (and others) are using the military as an object for worship. Rich and cowardly boy Trump used his family's wealth and position to receive five deferments from the draft. Little Donnie was not going to the military, but that was a family tradition. His grandfather, was refused re-entry to the old country for his evasion of the draft. If Grampapa was allowed back in, Trump would be Germany's problem.

Here is a "fun fact" for you: the football players only began coming out to the field for the anthem in 2009. Later the Department of Defense and the National Guard paid millions of dollars to the NFL for military appearances at games. "The Star-Spangled Banner" did not become the national anthem until 1931. It was sporadically played before, and during games before then. Not until 1942, did it become standard before the start of baseball games; and it was done for the war effort. Really, there is no need for the anthem to be played.

Trump has insulted John McCain for being a prisoner of war. Trump has insulted a gold star family. Trump shows gross disrespect towards military veterans, and their families before a hat can drop to the floor.

Those who agree to criticise the black men who silently protest, you are hypocrites and racists. Is there any social protest that would be acceptable to you? Do you realise the First Amendment allows peaceable protest?  Do you realise, that the United States uses the example of peaceful protest to address concerns as an example of how democracy succeeds? When oaths are taken, they are not taken for the flag, they are taken to protect the Constitution.

How can nazis and white supremacists be "fine people" as Trump declares, and one of their number ran his car into a crowd of people and killed a woman, and men who silently protest be "sons-of-bitches" and be fired? Does Trump realise, or care, that it is illegal for a member of the executive branch to agitate for someone's loss of employment?

Kneeling is a sign of respect. Those of you who may be familiar with Roman Catholicism remember when people knelt at the rail to receive Holy Communion, and to-day there are many who remain kneeling during the distribution of Communion when they are in the pews? People have knelt before royalty, and have been punished if they did not.

—Stanislav Zadnik

Thursday, September 21, 2017

International Day of Peace

chalk outside Cleveland Art Museum

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Vincent Van Gogh painted sunflowers in Arles France. These are in Avon Ohio, and are grown for the charity, Prayers from Maria. This is the 4th year, next to interstate 90, and the field is shrinking. Large stores are being built in the flat agricultural fields. This year it was 35 acres (2 million flowers). It had been 80. This year, the sunflowers are a short variety, Daytona.
 a bridge in the sunflowers
 Captain America investigates a certain sunflower
For those who are interested in botany and mathematics and art, you converge on sunflowers. The florets (hat the bees love) turn into seeds, and they form a tight pattern to collect the most sunlight. That pattern (in the vast majority of individual flowers) is a Fibonnaci spiral. One set (on each flower) runs clockwise, and another anti-clockwise. The totals are usually Fibonnaci pairs(1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...):  34&55, 55&89, 89&144.
Watching day to day the steady change [click]. The florets bloom, and the seeds form, from outward towards the center. There is the additional outside large coronal petals.

Monday, September 18, 2017

2-8-4 Berkshire class

'2-8-4' refers to the wheel configuration, Berkshire refers to the mountains they chugged through for their first prospective owner. The prototype ran against a Mikado class locomotive. Boston & Albany Railroad ordered forty-five of the '2-8-4s', and they became Berkshires. Chesapeake and Ohio called them Kanawhas. Nickel Plate Road bought eighty.
Now, there are six in existence. The 765 is the last operative one. It was completed [see supra], and made its last commercial run in 1958. The age of American steam locomotives had only a few months left.
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society began in 1972. Overhaul began in 175, and in 1979 it ran again. It was restored from 1993 to 2005.

political chalk

Saturday, do not remember seeing any political chalking. I was surprised. Sunday, there was some.
 A Tribute to Banksy: A sidewalk has always been the way to publish your work
 Global Warming Exists
 Yet she persisted

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Last weekend of summer events

Saturday, we went to see a Berkshire locomotive. I was only vaguely aware of Steam in the Cuyahoga Valley, it was here this weekend, and will be here the next. Engine No. 765 was built in Lima in 1944, and was part of Nickel Plate to 1958. Now, a volunteer group in fort Wayne maintains the engine. As it chugs by, it knocks off leaves and hoots steam. It is something to watch, and hear.
Saturday and Sunday, we went to see the chalk festival at Cleveland Art Museum.
A good portion of the walkways were being changed, and blocked off. Instead of less chalk drawings, there were more. People drew around the lagoon.
We saw this one Saturday, it was the first one we saw. We had parked on Liberty Blvd./MLKJr., and it was near that sidewalk.
The current hit movie is Stephen King's "It", with Pennywise the clown. He was there Saturday.
We saw this on Sunday. A lot of people are terrified by clowns. Captain is not.
Saturday, we went to see Flowers for Maria, in Avon. We have been there before [click], and [click].
This chalking was in the expanded field, Sunday.
In Avon, the Cavaliers championship trophy was there, along with a couple of local pro team mascots.

Saturday we saw this head of a Jersey cow.
Sunday, more cow
This is part of Any Warhol's Marilyns, inside the museum.
Sunday, we saw this by the lagoon.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

more murals

There are murals going up around town. Supra, is one by Detroit, in an area of Ohio City that has had many murals go up.
Exercising non-veganism, there was a stop on Detroit at a flesh market. Over four days a wide painting has been completed by a local artist, and a Chicagoan. The owner of the business was happy and proud to speak. It is for the neighbourhood, and people have already taken 'selfies'. He wanted the message of Graffiti HeArt [click] seen. He mentioned that television, and newspaper came to photograph and do a story. Notice the vertical pipe, that is electrical conduit with a four bend saddle; saddles are usually made to go around an obstruction, this one was made to allow a strap to secure the pipe to a permanent surface [electrical code].
I like taking pictures. I did not take this one. Speak softly and carry a greyhound.

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street

was the first children's book of Theodor Seuss Geisel, and it was finally published after many rejections in 1937. His second book was the great, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins in 1938. Doctor Seuss, used as his alias, was a notable anti-fascist of his day. He would not be lauded on Fox and Friends. Well, we were on Mulberry Street (not in his Springfield Mass., but Cleveland O.).
Stella Maris  ( [Our Lady] Star of the Sea) is one of the many titles given to Mary, the Mother of God. Under that title she is the guiding star that leads men (especially sailors) to Jesus. In 1948 a priest at St. Malachi's (which is steps away) worked with Alcoholics Anonymous to create a residency for the drunken homeless to be cared for. That work continues. [painter W. Sherman 2016]
 'M' is for Mulberry
 Well, buses have had advertisements, this was the first brown package truck i have seen with one.
Cleveland Metroparks have a completed a short "centennial link", which runs from Detroit to River Road.

2017 Miscellany #9

  outside Firestone High Akron

Patrick Garnett, one of the greasy pole climbers at St. Rocco's
hawk on railroad bridge Cleveland Calvary Cemetery

gravestones behind Lakewood Historical Society, bodies interred elsewhere

Cleveland Cultural Gardens passport
no kicking of tires