Monday, November 11, 2019

2019 Miscellany #11

A handsome profile
Cleveland's Day of the Dead Saturday celebration fell on the appropriate day, November Second.  Few of the people in attendance had traditional religious concerns, but it was a day to see people. A number of amateur photographers were snapping away. We were there with our two greyhounds, who were very popular. Karma and Cassius were photographed by many, and some wanted to be in the picture with the two black wolves. This commotion limited my picture taking, and my time was limited that day. The weather was cold and threatened with a very cold rain, which only appeared in a few drops before we left.
 Route 611 bridge over Black River, Lorain O.
 white shadow

 off of W. 25th in Cleveland O.
  near St. Rocco's, painted sometime before additional area codes 330 and 440
good lettering, some letters faded, and "cassette" misspelled
 not many quarters collected recently

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 a dog

Picture is from Colbert's show last night. 
There is much audio/video in which Trump refers negatively about dogs, grammatically as a wretched comparison. The recent military raid, Conan, a Belgian Malinois, tracked down al-Baghdadi. There is some talk, that the military would not have made it public. Trump is now jealous of the dog. 

Now, before Trump was inaugurated, i made my last visit to a Catholic peace group meeting. A comment was made that only Trump's dog likes him. First, it was public that Trump had no pets (and no warm feelings for animals unless they lingered too long on the  grill). That was the last straw. He always made references as premises that were factually and historically inaccurate, and he expected these to be a priori accepted without discussion, of course, these premises were to favor his wanted conclusion. No, false premises do not make a true conclusion. The conclusion is not proved, because of one's desire. No, Trump does not like dogs.

What do we know about dogs? They are known for loyalty. Dogs are said to be "man's best friend". There is an archaeolgist's argument, dogs civilised us. Someone brings a hound to a gathering, and several attendees ooh, and ahh about the puppy-wuppy present. Actors are said to resent dogs in their scenes.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

elm on prospect

 this building has historical plaques
 and a gnarly elm
 which also has a plaque
 colorful ivy this time of year
good looking entrance

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Beachland — Euclid border

E. 222nd almost on Lakeshore Blvd.
Progress is slow on this one.
E. 185th
Near Lake Erie, the border of Cleveland and Euclid is East 185th. They have been torn up the street, there is the massive storm water construction nearby, they have finally re-opened a highway exit; but for years the street has deteriorated. Many lots and storefronts are vacant, and the nature of the businesses has changed. Ethnic demographic change is part of that. There are on going attempts to continue. One method that has appeared in many places is good and colorful murals and signage.
This is part of a long horizontal mural. Nearby there is a Jamaican restaurant. The car signage is nearby, on the Cleveland side of the street.

Monday, October 28, 2019

pumpkins have landed in Euclid

The brave aviator is flying his Sopwith Camel. Many Lake Erie midges have landed on him, and all around.

Did Charlie get a rock again?

Monday, October 21, 2019

2019 Miscellany #10

The American purple gallinule is a swamp hen, a rail. The adult colors are almost peacock like. Their normal habitation is between Buenos Aires and Tallahassee. Of all the rails, this one has the greatest amount of vagrancy; and if not so, i would have never seen. This fellow was fifteen feet away , and in dense vegetation. He was quite furtive, in and out, top and bottom. Entertaining, and many quick poses. My camera does not have a view finder, and the sunlight was coming at me. I could see the subject quite easily, i could not find him in the camera. From seventy shots, i had three that were useful, one was an extended leg with claws. This juvenile had gathered a small throng of admirers in Lorain Impoundment.
 Fiberglass snake sculpture North Chagrin Reservation
 Photographing a very new nuclear family at Squire's Castle
 Great blue heron at North Chagrin Reservation
 St. Joseph Lorain extinguished March 2010, still for sale.
And he had a bobbly Jesus in white robe on his dashboard.
 These four fotos show some autumn color, yesterday, at Mentor Veterans Park.

photographs of abandoned places #22

Burned church in Lorain
Saturday, 10th of November 2018, a fire began in the basement, and eventually the roof fell. The fire department declared it a total loss, and recommended demolition. It was still standing yesterday, in the same condition as the day the fire ripped through.
The church was the first Lutheran church in Lorain. The commemoration stone says U.A.C. 1900-1923. A note i read, reads they occupied the church from 1924 to 1968. It has most recently been occupied by a Spanish speaking Pentecostal congregation of less than a score. "U.A.C." is Unaltered Augsburg Confession, and a protest against Samuel Simon Schmucker, who was the president of Gettysburg Seminary and wanted American Lutheranism to be more Calvinist, like some of the revivalists in other American Protestant groups.

 The notching of the door was done by chainsaw.

This reminds me of a Hitchcock movie.

The pulpit is in the centre right. The pews looked to have accommodated 96.