Wednesday, May 30, 2018

2018 Miscellany #6

low cut stump, Lake View Cemetery
center narthex floor in abandoned Nativity BVM church
a photo bomber detracts from this photo, two fotos Parma Polish Constitution Parade

tinman for a tinner (HVAC) business, E. 152nd Cleveland
unidentified stonework, Congregational Church building on Archwood, Brooklyn Center
 rhododendrons, this May heat have caused early and short bloomings for all flowers

Monday, May 28, 2018

a memorial parade

On some days there is one local parade, on certain days (Memorial, Independence) there are many local parades. Focusing on the latter, i wonder which towns have real good parades. Horses are great to see.
Shaker Heights High School has a large marching band. When they passed by they were playing the Marines' Hymn, and then the Air Force's.

 There were dogs as marchers and watchers. This fellow is Kipnis.
 It is always good to see fun units, Shaker Heights Librarian Drill Team.

Friday, May 25, 2018

balloon glow Chagrin Falls Ohio

 playtime was scheduled before the balloon glow, Thursday evening before Memorial Day weekend
sometimes it is more convenient to bring your own seats
 the balloon is laid out, and a blower motor inflates it
 each balloon has a crew
 eventually nine balloons were filled, the strawberry being the most interesting
some landscaping was done since last year: a retention pond, an expanded parking lot removing some metal bleachers
well after dark they were all up, and sporadic bursts of propane provided illumination

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

west side walkabout

 in the center are two fasces (no, that is not the word for poo)
 this stone chimera looks part giraffe
 dogs look great looking out from car windows

 i have fotoed this door before
along Detroit, several walls are being painted this week

Sunday, May 20, 2018

festival season begins

Beijing opera masks
The occupant is new to the costume, and she needs help with her initial steps.
Gus the photographer waits to picture Eva the Astronaut. Under the trumpsters science is under attack, science can have good public relations.
 Several performances showed national traditional national dances.

 Theo the Chicken greets people at this booth.
Festivals bring people to round up customers. Some of the entertaining television commercials come from the advertising agencies pitching insurance. The commercials have little to do with the service, but they imprint name familiarity and positive memory.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

'A' is for Animals

This weekend Cleveland has its Asian Festival.  It is the Year of the Dog.  Twelve years ago was the first placement of painted fiberglass statues around St. Clair and Superior.  To-day, and to-morrow they would have been installed.  I looked forward to it, and began to photograph them.  They have made their circuit complete...too bad.
Well, Old Brooklyn (or Brooklyn Center) has replicas of four cement casts of animals placed in the neighborhood.  The originals were made by the Works Progress Administration. [See click.]  Land Studio and the then local councilman, Brian Cummins, had some squirrels, bears, a frog, and walrus placed in the area.  On Fulton, near the zoo, across from one of the squirrels, there is a red plastic elephant strapped to a too small pedestal on a cement rectangle.  It is wobbly.  You can pass it by on the exit ramp of I-71 North.

This plastic elephant was made in Milan by Cracking Art Group, there was only one; but hundreds of other plastic animals were placed about town by Land Studio [see click].  They were there just for the summer of 2016, and the red elephant was a nod to the evil that convened in town for a week. I am wondering who placed the exit ramp elephant, and why.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

1st Sunday in May, Rockefeller Greenhouse

Tulip bulbs are supposed to blossom from early April to mid-May, dependent on weather. This tear here, March was colder than February, and April was not much better. Three of the first  four days in May were 80 degrees plus. Most of the tulips did not stagger as species specific. They practically all popped at once, and are now past peak. No savoring, or lingering, on the many colors, and different varieties. Catch them before they blink.
 Magnolia blossom petals fall on a hedge next to double tulips.
Cleveland Rockefeller Greenhouse is under appreciated, and few people visit. Of course there are those that love flora, and people who like taking pictures.

One of the few places in North America where you can find citrus fruits, and bananas growing.
Kay was on break, and she was willing subject for a foto.
Magnolia petals are in the Mayan statue's head dress.
The flowers make a colorful background for First Communion pictures.
Pretend it is Lourdes.