Tuesday, August 28, 2018

a walk in the park

                   Cassius in the Hungarian Garden
Cleveland used to be Forest City. The number of trees have been reduced, and urban forestry seems to take more away than to add. In the city shade trees are a blessing, and the number of shaded walks are not that great. Postmen in summer do a lot better in a tree lined neighborhood, than a tree denuded neighborhood. Perhaps the best scenic shaded walk with your hound is in Rockefeller Park, but crossing the old Liberty Boulevard is often not easy; it is a scenic, winding route that too many idiots treat as a highway. 
It is late summer additions, and improvements have been and are being made. The new Russian Garden is putting in walkways, and a formal dedication is upcoming (Sept.9th?).
The Polish Garden has a new bust. St. John Paul II has taken an old spot, and a re-arrangement of Polish heroes have been made around a tidied up central fountain.
 The Serbs have also added a new bust, Nadežda Petrović.
A new bridge is forming over Doan Brook on St. Casimir Way.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

'F' is for foto

Blue Hen Falls, Cuyahoga Valley Park, Sunday morning, August 19th.
Well, sign #6 is up. It is next to the Cuyahoga, not far from Columbus Road lift bridge. It is in a parking lot. They need some fill around it, behind the sign there is pvc pipe above and parallel to the ground. August 13th.
Sam Laud crossing Columbus Road. The lift bridge was engaged. August 19th.
I had to turn the flivver around, and stop. The restaurant was going under a radical renovation (all the windows were removed), and a trailer was selling food. We bought a couple of 'frosties'; they tasted from hose water, or the mouth taste when you are in a garden supply store. August 22th.
ContempOpera Friday night Lincoln Park, singing mostly show tunes. August 24th.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Maria's field is moving

#MariasFieldofHope #PrayersFromMaria
Along Interstate 90 in Avon Ohio there has been, since 2014, a field of sunflowers. This is done in remembrance of a girl, Maria McNamara, who died of brain cancer. From the first, the field was a success, and the next year the planting grew. The last three years, new businesses have been placed on the land, and the available land has become smaller. Now, some other adjacent land has been planted. The field of hope is diminishing, and a new location is probable next year.  Last year 35 acres were planted, the year before 80. [i will update if i see new figures]

I have posted previously: [click 1], [click 2], [click 3], [click 4].
This year, they planted on June 24th, expecting blossoming in late September. It is been hot and humid this summer, and the blossoms opened on August 18th.  A new entrance, and a new parking lot were cut in, and a drive was cut in for a new building going up.
People are free to visit, and enjoy family moments
Sunflowers are joyful, 1,2, 3.
 Cassius strolls through the sunflowers

women in glass

 Ruth the Moabitess (great grandmother of David) gleaned barley and wheat in the fields of Boaz to support her mother-in-law, Naomi.
 David, Moses, Melchizedek
These windows are in Lakewood Ohio, in the Episcopal (Anglican) Church of the Ascension. Some of the stained glass in churches are random, and some are themed, and some are placed in accordance to symmetry, and some in divisions.

The clerestory level has five double scened windows on each side of the nave, in total there are twenty scenes of the Life of Jesus (many are the Catholic mysteries of the rosary). The ground level has twelve men of the Old Testament, paired with twelve apostles of the New. The last nine of the Old Testament are prophets with named books. The first three are King David, Prophet Moses, and Priest Melchizedek; those three offices are also offices of Jesus.

Not many Roman Catholic churches have Old Testament references, other than Abraham (with Melchizedek, or Isaac), David in the choir, and Moses and Jeremias even less. One may encounter more in Eastern Churches. In Cuyahoga County, outside of Cleveland, the only well populated towns before WWII were East Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, and Lakewood; so those are the places you can find certain artistic architecture.
 Sarah, Ruth, Esther
So of the twenty-four people on the ground level of the nave, there are no women. The church has a document (the studio of the windows is not mentioned) of the nave windows, one of two rose windows, six glass panels on the main entrance doors, and two other windows in a chapel (?) room. All these windows (except Mary in the Life of Jesus windows) are men. But in the narthex, there are two groupings of three windows of women of the Old and New Testaments. Of the forty-six books of the Old Testament, three are named after women (Ruth, Esther, Judith). [click for previous female saints on glass] Some Catholic churches balance statues of male and female saints (St. Stephen, and St. Stanislaus both in Cleveland), and fewer balance in glass. Other than Mary, the Mother of God, not that many female presentations of art are seen in many churches (of those churches that have art).

Priscilla, Esther
Saint Priscilla was Saint Aquila's wife. Emperor Claudius exiled Jews from Rome. Saint Paul met them in Corinth, and they were also tent makers. They became comrades in Christian evangelisation, and they too were martyred. Aquilla and Priscilla are mentioned six times in the New Testament.

Esther became Queen of the Persians. She and her uncle Mordecai saved the Jewish people from the murderous plans of (H)aman, the vizier of King Assuerus.

Monday, August 13, 2018

2018 Miscellany #9—summer pictures

I had two snaps at this one before the butterfly skedaddled. This one the foreground is in focus, and the brick background is fuzzy, in the other—vice versa. A couple of days before, a hummingbird posed for a second and flittered away. This coneflower does get visitors.
At lower Edgewater Park, there are merchants gathered at the triathlon. Looking at these wheels is as good as looking at the infinity mirrors installation at Cleveland Art Museum.
This tin man sits above a business on East 152nd in Collinwood. An earlier one had been shot up some. I found reference to this on Roadside America.  Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 Cleveland District had another tin man at their (old) union hall.
Last night was very pleasant at Hardesty Park on Market Street.  It seems everything in Akron is on Market Street, or a block away. The Akron Symphony Orchestra came. A bassist, looked through the early crowd to greet dogs. Why? because dogs are great. They played Sousa, movie scores, music from Alfred Hitchcock [Good evening], and the Barber came out. Cicadas had a musical statement to play, while the playground equipment was much in use.
 Barbara O'Brien on a Carmen Fantasy
 Dancers form Akron University accompanied four numbers