Thursday, July 28, 2011

so long

i have another post in the 'pipeline' [december 2nd], other than that the postings may be over. i have spent too much time on this. i have started another internet journal. i expect, if i continue on that, to have a smaller frequency of postings. i would rather not write on the church, or politics.

there is the old truism, in the form of a joke, what is the difference between a democrat, and a republican? a democrat believes in democracy, a republican is the opposite of that. just remember, for God's sake, never vote republican, well you can if we are talking about another country, in which 'republican' has a different meaning. yet, in another country, under different names, but with the same ideas, you still have ugly catastrophe, conferre a norwegian teabagger.


  1. I hope this is not true about your last post. I check The Voice from the Rust Belt every day. You have done such a brilliant job of documenting the history of Cleveland Catholics. Your pictures of the Churches are inspirational. Please reconsider. We need to be informed.