Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Waterloo revisited

In a previous post [click], Waterloo Road in Cleveland's Collinwood was glimpsed. For the longest time the road was ripped up, and now new sidewalks, parking lots, and mini-parks have been added. Several buildings are being remodelled now, and new businesses have already begun to replace empty stores.

Two hundred years ago Napoleon Bonaparte met his Waterloo, supra is part of a mural on bad plywood with Jacques-Louis David's Bonaparte Crossing the Alps. David painted five versions.
Excellent signage (not yet open0
Several artists have studios in the neighborhood. A metal worker has made a large electrical switch. Cleveland has a Free Stamp next to City Hall. Andy Warhol's pop art lives.
Here is a World War II memorial next to the Slovenian Workmen's Home. It has the names of the president (Franklin Roosevelt) and Gold Star (dead) servicemen. Practically every name is Slovene. The bronze plaque was stolen decades ago for scrap, many were taken for that in the 1970s all about the city.

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