Tuesday, October 20, 2015

burning of the scrolls

Sunday, for the first time in my life, i was in a Baptist church. I came for two purposes: concert, windows. The Heights Chamber Orchestra was wonderful. They played diverse pieces. Their concertmaster/lead violinist/soloist (Emily Cornelius) was heavenly.

The church is a gothic building built in 1928, with windows coming later and not at once. They are large, and like mediæval cathedrals — multi-scened. The choir and altar (obstructed) windows are so busy they are not identifiable from the ground. There are nine main nave windows, the four evangelists, Jesus, Paul, Stephen, Peter, and John the Baptist. On this journal, i have had many pieces on stained glass. And i had thought, i was finished in presenting them here. I have seen much of the best windows about greater Cleveland. Still, there are windows new to me.

Most of the windows in First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland could be Catholic. Peter, Paul, and Stephen have elements that would not be. Jesus names Simon, 'Peter' the rock. The window suggests the 'rock' includes James and John. One would figure the Stephen window refers to martyrs, but it includes non-martyr Baptist ministers, and others. The Paul window has a vignette many would be surprised to see.

Much of the book, Acts of the Apostles, concerns the adventures of Paul. Some stories are better known than others. We all sort of expect the road to Damascus, and it is in the window. As many of you may have guessed, i am a Catholic Christian; and i am continually surprised on what some others focus on. Well, the one scene here is the burning of the books [scrolls] in Ephesus.
And many of them who had followed curious arts, brought together their books, and burnt them before all;... — Acts of the Apostles xix.19.

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