Sunday, October 11, 2015

gun goons

There is something deeply wrong with the United States (well several things). A killer fires his gun and kills several people, and immediately some people cheerlead guns. The sale of guns and ammunition spikes. Mass murder is free advertising for weaponry.

Two things happen again and again as shown in the two cartoons below:

In Roseburg Oregon nine people were shot to death by an armed young Republican. Our president announced that he would meet with the families of the deceased. Normal people, people in other countries would see this as an act of compassion, almost pastoral. But in this bizarre land, gun nuts (some armed) demonstrate their hatred by public protest, which had been immediately organised upon the news of the president's intention to come to Oregon. And of course, we have hypocrisy. President Obama came privately. The demented gun nuts criticised him for politicising a tragedy. One is not allowed to criticise guns after a shooting, and it is always after a shooting. So the gun nuts do not allow free speech.

Now, in one of history's many episodes of repetition and irony, Roseburg was the site of a martyred brother of a martyred president speaking on the folly of easy access to weaponry. That was the day before the Oregon primary, the crowd was not friendly. A few days later Robert Kennedy was shot dead. [click for video]

Now, on another point: anyone who is 'pro-life' must be for gun control, if not they are inconsistent liars. The National Rifle Association is a front for the gun and ammunition industry. They are the salesmen and spokesmen for the merchants of death. They are part of the combined worship of Mars the God of War, and Mammon. It is inconsistent with Christianity to be a gun nut.

O, and there is more. Lanza in Connecticut, and Harper-Mercer in Oregon had mothers who took them shooting. Both boys were noticeably odd to everyone, they were crazy. Mommy has a crazy boy she takes shooting. Both boys had access to an arsenal. When Lanza killed his mother, and twenty-six strangers at a grade school, and himself, Sheriff John Hanlin of Roseburg Oregon thought it was a conspiracy against gun rights. He wrote to the vice-president and said he would not enforce any laws that he considered unconstitutional concerning guns. The father of one of the wounded in Oregon, Stacy Boylan is a gun nut and his family would not meet with the president.

One of the Republicans wanting to be president, Ben Carson writes:
"As a Doctor, I spent many a night pulling bullets out of bodies. There is no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking – but I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away."
The gun nuts are saying America does not have a gun problem, but that of mental illness. Well six of one, half a dozen of another.

They had access to legal guns, ones that they (or their mothers) bought. You have a gun store and you sell to customers that look like this? So the gun defenders say now "it's not guns but mental illness". Wanting so many guns, and assault rifles, and armour piercing and exploding bullets are indicative of mental illness, but hey--the cash register sings.

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