Thursday, March 7, 2013

Waterloo, North Collinwood

 this is creative advertising for a bicycle shop
When they were platting out streets in Collinwood, someone was interested in British Imperial history (and English Literature), nearby Waterloo, are Trafalgar and Lucknow. 
the best caricature painted on a former drugstore on the corner of Waterloo and E. 156th, penguins are cute, plain and simple
 Music Saves
Recently, television station WEWS5 ran a story on the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. It had been a Croatian Home, and now a music venue of not top 40 and clear channel radio inc., and that would include folkish Americana, and louder stuff. It has been so for thirteen years, and has tried to jump start a music and arts scene in northeast Cleveland. A couple of record stores have moved in. Although, there is an effort, the area still looks troubled.
Evidence of the old music remains; an old country mountaineer (all Slovenija is mountains, this is where the Balkans stop and meet the Alps; this fellow can pass for a Tyrolean or Austrian) playing a squeeze box, the button variety.
Slovenski Delavski Dom
Slovenian Workmen's Home


  1. "Waterloo, are Trafalgar and Lucknow." Never noticed before -- nice catch.

    You didn't add the meaning of the KABOOM sign, and it's interesting history. That was the site of mobster Danny Greene's office, which was blown up by rivals in the mid-70s. He survived the bombing, though they got him a few years later in another location. The film "Kill the Irishman" is about him.

  2. Thank you, i appreciate the comment.

    Half way into this essay,, i mention Greene and the movie.