Friday, October 23, 2015

diatribe № 2

Getting in touch with my inner geezer

I was young once, and was foolish with many hopes and some ambition. The world has battered, buffeted, beaten, and bruised me. In the film 'Breaking Away' (written by Steve Tesich) Dennis Quaid says, "...I'm just gonna be Mike; twenty year-old Mike; thirty year-old Mike; old, mean old man Mike...". The shadow of that realisation has lived with me for years.

So the world has whizzed past me. Romeo said, "O, I am Fortune’s fool!". But Romeo was a kid, he never lived a life seeing one generation of idiots passing another. We live in disappointment. Now i see younger people come to the line, and i am less hopeful. It is not just fashion as a change, a difference; it is a choice, or several choices, which indicate depth of reason has become shallower.

The geezer awakens.

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  1. Reverend Ivan Stang once said that people who can't do, teach. And that people who can't teach become critics. You seem like a decent person. don't be so hard on yourself!