Sunday, January 27, 2013

photographs of abandoned places #7&8

Cedar and Ashland
 Cleveland Railway (not the only one in town, but that one is occupied)
 peeping underneath a loading dock door, a lot of old tires in the building
and across the street
  Westinghouse Electric (not the only one in town, but that one is occupied)
East 55th is a long street, deviate east, and some west and there are hulks of brick and boards. Much of the east side is vacant. 

This was an industrial building, but it was built in some sort of aesthetic sensibility. Sandstone accents (lintels, ledges and corbels) with the brickwork. This is not the original presentation. The color of the bricks, and a few bricks remaining from arch formation, indicate the six window sections came on a later remodel.
 I think part of the fallen in building was used in the filming of The Avengers, 1912.
This window faces Cedar. I appreciate the brick work. This took extra time, this would not be done now. The sun was quite bright on 19 January, and bleached the foto, some tweaking was done by me in editing.

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