Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Incident at Washington Park

On 2 May 2010, about 1 o'clock people were gathered in the line up area for a Polish Constitution Parade in Washington Park, Newburgh Heights, on the border of Cleveland, Ohio.  A 67 year old driver, with a history of bad driving, lost control of his car while attempting to park. He crashed into the Rhodes High School Marching Band. He hit three kids and a parent. One big kid, got caught under the car. The car ran over him, and his face scraped pavement. He was very badly dinged.  Fortunately, he was big. I thought a smaller person would have seen death. He, eventually, after a period of surgery and several months of recovery, could walk.
 the confused driver, who hit the gas instead of the brake
 The noise was sickeningly peculiar. The Newburgh Heights Police station was yards away. There were cops of two municipalities, park rangers on site. Ambulances, and firemen came quickly. A friend of mine, who was one of the marchers, had been a nurse, and she was there before the emergency personnel.
 Congressman Dennis Kucinich with red tie
the instruments sat for some time before retrieval

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