Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Monuments

Guardian angel statue at Saint Casimir ever vigilant at the very beginning of the year.
 Casimir's crowned Marian statue with added snow
  The new Mother Teresa statue has a thin spray of snow. Would a future patina gather more snow?
Gandhi did a good deal of trekking, but not in the mountainous north of the homeland. The sculptor did not consider Cleveland's snow.
 Wade Park stairs on Liberty/MLK  Blvd.
The other Tom Johnson statue, tucked away around the back, off to the side of the history museum, which is undergoing a construction expansion. Green, plastic tarpaulin covers up part of the work site, the curtain is a visual improvement over the bland office windows prior.  Snow on the flat top fedora hat doubles as a feathered mane, or pom-pon.

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