Wednesday, January 9, 2013

advertising card

I would like Blogger to read this paragraph. Before, i could arrange this (somewhat) the bloody simple way i would like. Because of the new AND NOT IMPROVED set up, several things i could do before, i can not now. The only plus point in composition that i can grasp is the cross out of slash line on words. The only plus point on the 'dashboard pages' is the total of page views of entries. Other than that: more complexity, less flexibility, less utility. You are owned by Google, have you seen their search engine home page???  No extraneous clutter. Just type and enter.  What i wanted to do was to have these images side by side. Wow, what a concept. Well, i will just stack them, you nimrods.
The Pique Dame is the only one with a sceptre.
This sausage shop took two court cards from the deck and adapted them in their windows, along with a little Polish folk scenes. Unfortunately, the neighborhood has changed for the worse. It is the national poster child for the mortgage crisis and real estate flim-flams. The building has a brick exterior, and it is been 'tagged' with territorial graffiti. A proprietor actually attempts, and succeeds in graphic advertising; and some miscreant delinquent with an aerosol can has to vandalise. There are many instances when a juvenile has some artistic talent and creates a ninja blitz worth having; but so often it is just inchoate ugliness by unpleasant, ill bred, ill behaved hoodlums.
The Diamond King has an axe.
 and a cleaver
So does a butcher, and he has a cleaver. Krakowska and kabanosy are two cured pork sausages, the latter are very long 'smokies'. There are several more sausages that can be listed.

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