Saturday, January 14, 2012

What happens when the money doesn't come

Saint Patrick's in Thompson of Geauga County experienced something interesting. Often, what is interesting is not good. This Saint Patrick's was the first Catholic parish in the county. Now Lennon, had not closed a parish in five of the eight remaining counties in the diocese. So, most residents of Geauga, and the other four counties, were aloof and disinterested. Well, Lennon temporarily shut down the parish.

The parish pre-dates the War for Union. Priests came the cathedral, or Ashtabula, or Painesville to say an occasional Mass. People gathered in homes for services. The parish was established in 1853, and its first church built in 1854 [slightly confusing, St.Patrick in Ohio City (now Cleveland) also began at this time]. Over several years, it changed status between a mission church of St. Mary, Painesville, and as independent parish, and a mission church of St. Mary, Chardon.

We must know that Richard Lennon is a tyrant of an autocrat, and enjoys collecting money. In co-ordination with the rummage sales of parishes, there is a further shakedown campaign. This capital campaign is being brought about in stages. Lennon will be in Rome at the beginning of February to present himself. What kind of present will he give?

Back to the far corner of Geauga. The pastor was not pushing the campaign. Beyond that, he refused to furnish phone numbers of possible donors. He has been removed from the parish, officially 5 December 2011. For a time, no Masses were said at St. Patrick's. People were free to go elsewhere. Now, the Chardon pastor will administrate the Thompson unit. Yes, Lennon is ruthless.


Now, to give Lennon some positive credit: there has been instances, in which, the bishop has been enforcing celibacy on some of those whom take a vow of celibacy. Lennon will not release the names of past perverts, but he is attempting to squelch certain sordid affairs. Some priests, on their days off, do foul things. Some priests have not been staying overnight in the rectories. They have been told to do so. Still, there are those who have not straightened up; and should not have been ordained, or even allowed in seminary.

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