Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican

What an ugly group the Republican party is. Glancing at just a few of the stories to-day, is to see who they are:

Georgia lawmaker [Kip Smith] who sponsored welfare drug testing bill arrested for DUI. See here, and here.

Punish the poor [hint the Negroes], assume their depravity, have them tested for morality, sobriety...and maybe we will give them some of OUR money.

But we ignore that, because they are so 100% pro-life. See, here. Well, that is the candidate's wife, so that is not an appropriate attack.

Then there is the amiability of the rank and file:
GOP debate audience boos Romney’s Mexican heritage

The audience later booed again when Williams asked if former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had “belittled the poor and racial minorities” by declaring that black Americans should demand jobs, not foodstamps.

Audiences at other GOP debates have booed a gay soldier, cheered the death penalty and cheered child labor.

Also they booed Ron Paul.

One writer writes:

Cranky old Ron Paul was still at it and the audience booed him when he said he wanted to apply the golden rule to foreign policy: "Don't do to other nations what we don't want them to do to us." One might think people in South Carolina wouldn't boo a principle Jesus espoused, but one would be wrong. If Paul would stop talking about foreign policy and just hone in on his economic views, he might be a serious candidate, but he won't so he isn't.
Remember, yesterday's 'debate' was held on Martin L. King Day. Here is a clip on this question:

How Fox News would have covered MLK

Of course that is speculation, but its probability is very much assured. This is one day's hand dipping through the scum on top of the pond. What is undeniable about the Republican party is the absolute meanness, of it. We all know, they ARE the party of wealth. We have seen Gingrich, Perry and others told to shut up in criticising Romney's capitalism. The party does not want anyone of their boys sounding like a democrat. The party has no problem with their members sounding like racists, xenophobes, hate mongers, blood thirsty militarists, and heartless, vicious bastards. They allow all those statements, and deny their meaning.

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