Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diocesan document dump

To-day (Sunday), it was announced by some of the local press, that there will be an event at the closed Saint Hedwig's of Lakewood to-morrow at 10.30 a.m.. Hedwig's is now a museum. The diocese will make a presentation of a financial report concerning the disposition of certain parish properties.

At some time perhaps, to-day, perhaps earlier? documents were available on the diocesan website. The diocesan document dump admits to 14 parishes appealing. In reading several different pages, 13 were to be ascertained. In addition to those parish churches closed, St. Martha's Akron is under appeal, it is currently open as part of one of the two mergers Lennon has named 'Blessed Trinity'. This is interesting, Lennon in speaking 7 September 2010, at the parish hall of St. Martha, repeatedly mentioned "fourteen parishes" appealing. Never did he intimate, that, he was speaking at one.

St. Adalbert Parish, Cleveland
St. Barbara Parish, Cleveland
St. Casimir Parish, Cleveland
St. Emeric Parish, Cleveland
St. James Parish, Lakewood

St. John the Baptist Parish, Akron
St. Margaret Mary Parish, South Euclid
St. Martha Parish, Akron
St. Mary Parish, Akron
St. Mary, Lorain *

St. Mary Parish, Bedford
St. Patrick Parish (West Park), Cleveland
St. Peter Parish, Cleveland
St. Wendelin Parish, Cleveland

Still no confirmation of the 14
th parish. St. Martha is 'merged' with Christ the King, Croat. Its campus is the 'new' parish's site, and its church is open.
*Postscriptum: the 14th parish is St. Mary, Lorain. The 'parish file' has not been included by the diocese on their webpage. It was printed in, at least, the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Tuesday the 10
th. I was late in seeing a paper copy. St. Mary, Lorain 'merged' with Holy Trinity. Its campus is the 'new' parish's site, and its church is open. This was information that the Diocese has refused to give, until after this post was on-line (before this postscript).

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