Sunday, January 15, 2012

Diocese is overseeing maintenance

The parish of St. Casimir, Cleveland, met again [as they have for more than an hundred years] for Sunday services. They have been in street exile, now into the third year.
Parish: St. Casimir Parish, Cleveland
Status: Since the time of the closing, the parish’s cash and religious items are being held in custody. The Diocese is overseeing any incidental operations or maintenance issues at the closed facilities. The closing of the parish is under appeal to the Vatican. No disposition or other activities will occur until the appeal has been completely addressed by the Vatican.
The diocese has their money "in custody". The diocese had some one plough the driveway between church, hall, and school. They had to open the gate, but a path was cleared to remove an inch of snow. As in their full and complete transparent statement [quoted above in its entirety], they are diligently "overseeing any incidental operations or maintenance issues at the closed facilities".
One of the Casimiri shovels the worship site before the weekly service. This is not overseen by the diocese.
Now, this is a Polish parish. It is after Epiphany. They are looking at their sheets for the next Christmas carol to sing. Much of the Church stops caroling on Epiphany, general American society stops on Christmas Day; but the spiritually enthusiastic can stretch it to Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday), and this why the colors of Mardi Gras are: gold, purple and green. The colors of the gifts of the Magi (the Three King) gold--gold, frankincense--purple, and myrrh--green.

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