Tuesday, September 27, 2011

St. John's Cemetery, Cleveland

St. John's had been the cathedral's parish graveyard. It is across the street from the City of Cleveland's Woodland Cemetery. There is a speed camera on the road between them, west of E.71st.

The first resident priest, John Dillon†1836 is buried at St. John's now (he had been first buried at Erie Street Cemetery, then in the cathedral), he shares a plot and stone with a Fr. James Conlan†1875. They were both born in County Leitrim, Ireland.

In the mid-XIXth century cemeteries were created outside towns. The city limits had been at what is now called East 55th, and then Willson Avenue. In 1906 many streets were renamed, so that police, firemen, postmen and others could find addresses more easily. This was one of the many reforms of Mayor Tom Johnson. Most streets that ran north-south were given numbers and designated as 'streets', whether east or west of Public Square's Ontario Street. Many streets that run west-east are designated 'avenues'. There are anomalies from old usages. East 9th Street used to be Erie Street. That is why Erie Street Cemetery is on 9th Street.

Maher Mausoleum 1876, entrance cement blocked up. Grass freshly mowed. Small forest and pasture growing on the walls, and roof.
In a previous essay, i wrote: “It was very important, and very promoted for Catholics to be buried only in hallowed grounds, which usually meant Catholic cemeteries.Cleveland's Catholic cemeteries are not discount operations, and over the years there has been financial irregularities in the management of funds. It also a great place to hide stuff.
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  1. Do you by any chance know if St. John had a different name and then became St. John cemetery?

  2. Historic maps at CSU Schwartz Library have the cemetery identified as "Catholic Cemetery" on 1874 and 1881 maps. The 1898 map identifies it as St. John's. Hope this helps!

  3. Do you know who maintains the records for this cemetery?

    1. Catholic Cemeteries Assoc.
      Diocese of Cleveland
      10000 Miles Avenue
      would be my guess
      try the phone number on the sign

  4. Is St. John's Cemetery still in use?

    1. Yes, i believe so. Check with Catholic Cemeteries 10000 Miles Avenue Cleveland, call the number on the picture.