Thursday, September 8, 2011

a national catholic tragedy of injustice

Many, the majority, of the essays on this site have touched on the ruthless campaign to close ethnic churches in the diocese of Cleveland, Ohio. This includes the cities of Akron, Lorain and Elyria. Cleveland has suffered under a tyrannical bishop [Lennon], who may soon be going. This area has not been alone in this sort of manoeuvring, it has been from Boston, Massachusetts to Saint Paul, Minnesota. This co-ordinated campaign of ethnic cleansing has been covered in mass deception, in lies too numerous to list, and greed, and a deep contempt.

The institutions outside the church are not willing to speak up. They do not like giving another institution a 'hard time'. They are also worried of accusations of being 'anti-religious', or 'anti-catholic' being used against them. It is partly an old boy's network, cowardice, and indifference.

I have been notified, by two local people involved in saving churches, of an editorial in a Buffalo newspaper. The journal is published in the Buffalo suburb of Boston, New York, the Polish American Journal. It accurately sums up the story in this month's edition [September 2011]. It is worth reading. It is also noteworthy in the intransigence shown by their local bishop, Edward Kmiec. He is at the age of mandatory retirement, and he does not relent, or show charity. A bishop, is by definition, the chief teacher and pastor in the diocese. A pastor (shepherd) is to be concerned with all of his flock. What we get instead, is a local monarch, whom believes he is unaccountable, and rules like faro of old.

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