Sunday, September 4, 2011

Parish-in-exile continues

The Parish-in-exile continues to act as a parish. A child member has cerebral palsy, members banded together and recruited others to have a grand fundraising supper. A sum of money helped to defray a medical trip to Poland for helpful treatment. He and his mother have returned, and have been at the street prayer service.
This week past, a family took it on themselves to rehabilitate an outdoor Marian statue. They removed all the old layers of paint, and put a fresh finish on it. No parish funds were used. Of course, they have no access to the hundreds of thousands that have been taken. They have no access to the inside of the church. This statue was across the street, outside the convent.

Saint Casimir (often pronounced 'kas·mer') Cleveland, west of Rockefeller Park, between St. Clair and Superior, on E.82, by the streets with the Polish names (Pulaski, Sowinski, Kosciuszko) is continuing. Dick 'the Destroyer' Lennon forcibly suppressed the parish backed by the presence of a police squadron, and was continuously peddling their property. The parish still meets each, and every, Sunday morning at 11.30 a.m.

If the long, awaited decision comes to re-open the church/parish comes, this people are ready to continue church life, as if no interruption occurred. And if they are greeted by a new bishop, it would be a grand homecoming. Certainly, there are other parishes in similar stances and stases.


  1. Seeing the Picture of the restored Mary and Baby Jesus brings tears to my eyes. God bless the St. Casimir faithful who once again have demonstrated their Catholic convictions.

  2. This is a beautiful! I am so happy to see it painted all fresh and new. God bless all who were involved in this act of love.
    I pray for the re-opening of St.Casimir Church nearly every day and will continue to do so until the boards are taken down and the doors are once again open. This is my "birth parish". I love this church. God dwells within its Holy walls and nothing and no one can change that. I ask everyone who reads this post to pray for St.Casimir's re-opening. Never lose hope. Never lose faith in God's power. Miracles DO happen !

  3. I saw the statute in person and am overwhelmed with a feeling of hope for our Church. Thank you to the responsible parties for their care and love in restoring Our Lady and the Infant Jesus. You can feel in the presence of the Statue how this one simple act has uplifted the Casimir faithful, the neighborhood and the Catholics of Cleveland.