Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rumour of change

Rumour upon rumour, we have been hearing of the eventual departure of Dickie Lennon. We were ready last autumn, but as Advent began, that hope ended. Now, we hear after this summer recess. A cover story of surgery has been floated both times.

We have had an informal visitation, and a public visitation. Rome has been given much paperwork.

Is he going? And if he does, will there be reparations? This diocese has been devastated in the effected areas of Akron, Cleveland, Elyria and Lorain. Of course, many are oblivious.

If we receive successful appeals of parishes or churches to be open, will they be allowed to do so without foot dragging or sabotage? The reign of Dick the Destroyer has been a deal of destruction. And our priest corps, with the exception of one, or two, or three at the most have not supported us in public.

The damage has been done. Will we have a good bishop, who has real pastoral concern? The entire diocese is a community, but so is EACH parish, and under canon law each parish is a person. We as people have been abused by the powers that be in the church. I have proposed that our bishop (really every bishop) should have personal integrity, pastoral concern, and a measure of humility. Really, not much different than the requirements St. Paul the Apostle set down.

Beyond Lennon, there are many bad actors within the diocese. We need them to come clean and be chastened. What of the future of the local church, and the whole church? The future is an unknown land. Good comes from good, and bad comes from bad. It is to our benefit for the good to be done. We owe it to ourselves and to God.

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  1. Lennon needs to make a formal apology for not following the rules on something as important as closing Churches. He has caused so much damage and hurt in the Cleveland Diocese. He treats the church and people as a commodity. He needs to resign in disgrace over this. And the Churches that were illegally closed need to be reopened ASAP!