Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chalk Fest

In front of Cleveland's Art Museum was a Chalk Fest. Parents with children, young artists and people with cameras enjoyed the last weekend in summer. They were selling boxes of colored chalk. People were free to draw and color. Most people tried not to step on the pictures. Walking through the path midst distracted kids, and oblivious gawkers, and haphazard sandstone canvases was easier done by folks of nimble feet. It was an interested, and quiet crowd.
Some people imitated great works, such as Michelangelo's 'David'.
Others tried far simpler artists. You have to get your books out to see, if this is a Mondrian, or just one in the style of one.Someone liked Jan Vermeer's, 'Girl with Pearl Ear Ring'Someone liked Jan Vermeer's, 'Girl with Pearl Earring'[Het Meisje met de Parel]. Are her eyes supposed to be that big? Two fellows were working on this base ball series. I was to impatient to wait for a moment in which both could be framed without shadows and interlopers.
This sweet, young woman is in the process of creating, 'Peace, Love, and ...'.
One of several animal pictures. Several well known, and new cartoon characters were also a favorite subject. My nephew, jokingly, advised me that i might be liable for copyright infringement by Disney, Sony, or some other. All in all, these works were far better than the stuff in room 225 inside.
And the one only ironic one, which was also, the only political one in the kit-and-kaboodle.

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