Thursday, July 7, 2011

St. Methodius

Saint Methodius preaching the Gospel, detail. Our Lady of Lourdes (Bohemian-Czech). Cleveland, O.

The brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius, Equal to the Apostles, the Apostles to the Slavs, i have mentioned before (a, b, c, d picture only, e). In the latin calendar of the saints from 1887-1969, this was their day. Depending on the calendar, and the nation, and the rite, and whether descent is from Rome or Constantinople, the brothers are celebrated on 14 February, 9 March, 11 May (Julian), 24 May, 5 July, 7 July or since they are who they are, any date is fine.

They were both born in Thessalonica to a senatorial family. The father was geek, and their mother slavonic, probably. Cyril, formerly Constantine the Theologian, became a monk and died in Rome. Methodius was eventually an archbishop, and died in Nitra (Slovakia) on 6 April 885.

They went to a dozen nations, sent by the greek Patriarch, and endorsed by the roman Pope. They were successful everywhere. They suffered from german envy, and hegemony by the german political, and clerical rulers.

They made the slavs literate, and christian. They adapted the greek alphabet for slavonic speakers. The earliest scripts were glagolithic, and now cyrillic. They translated the Gospels, and the Mass into the old slavonic, which is called church slavonic.

When slavs migrated from the old continents, to the new continents, they often named their churches and parishes after the brothers. Here in the Cleveland diocese, there were three such parishes. Two have been suppressed (Barberton Slovak, Lorain Slovene), one has been renamed (Lakewood Slovak) by Lennon the Destroyer of Parishes.

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